The dust has settled/Comic-con International verdict

(pics at bottom) “amid all chaos there is calculation” Lorde “we don’t need luck, we have talent” Steve Dahl Comic-Con International.  150,000 plus people. A convention center 7 city blocks long, three city blocks deep, full of every publisher, video game company, t.v. network, movie studio, and toy company even… Continue reading

HOLY SH*T KIDS! COMICS! or The road to Comic-con International part3

HOLY SH*T KID! COMICS! or The road to Comic-con International Part 3 We’ve already gone over how less and less of Comic-Con International has anything to do with actual comic books, and how, at our booth anyway, we would be drawing a line in the sand and focusing on our… Continue reading

Filthy Imperialsitic redcoats and Comic-con International

 The road to Comic-con International part 2 By now many of you who are NOT going to the big con are just about as tired of hearing about it as seeing posts about the confederate flag or hearing about the fate of Kaytlin Jenner’s dick. Well, all I can say… Continue reading

Stump Douglas on Deadwood for 50% OFF at Comic-con contest

For most people summertime includes outdoors and vacations.  My industry has it’s largest convention right in the middle of it, so for me it means deadlines, and long hours.  I have done very little besides work, and prepare for the con usually with HBO’s Deadwood on in the background.  It’s… Continue reading


Last update June 27 Stay tuned for more possible surprises as we close in on the show! Including details on the “stump Doug on Deadwood quotes for 50% off” contest Link below is for our place on the CCI Exclusives webpage.  We will have the three listed there, and one… Continue reading

The road to Comic-Con International part 1

  The road to comic-con International part 1 As an exhibitor at Comic-con International ( click here for info on my booth) I thought you all might find it interesting to see the list of things to do leading up to the largest “comic-con” in the U.S. I used the… Continue reading

Comic-Con International

It’s three weeks and a few days away now.  Can you feel my stress through the computer screen? I can’t put enough thoughts together for a blog so here’s a bunch of stuff that’ll be there.  more details and an actual blog in a day or two… you can stay updated… Continue reading

This weeks Podcast- Earn money at home by learning from Orwell

May 10 2015 – Earn money at home by learning from Orwell  Douglas devises uses for drones including killing old people, going on blind dates, and confusing rioters listen by clicking below ( podcasts usually appear on Itunes within 6 hours of being published here) for more podcasts… Continue reading

This weeks Podcast- the Pragmatism of the Gay community vs rioting

the Pragmatism of the Gay community vs rioting “funny how the Gay community managed to bring the entire State of Indiana to it’s knees and get them to change their own law within two weeks without one act of violence” Doug compares the uselessness of protesting and rioting and the… Continue reading

This weeks podcast – a Dastardly Duo

Because Douglas was out of town for a convention Sunday, this week’s blog is a rerun- featuring a rare guest,  Christopher Herndon and fellow Illustrator and fellow …uhm… eccentric .  New Podcast next week that will perhaps be full of tales of his 9 hour car ride.  For now though…listen… Continue reading

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