Stump Douglas on Deadwood for 50% OFF at Comic-con contest

For most people summertime includes outdoors and vacations.  My industry has it’s largest convention right in the middle of it, so for me it means deadlines, and long hours.  I have done very little besides work, and prepare for the con usually with HBO’s Deadwood on in the background.  It’s cathartic.

I have watched the entire series, conservatively, several dozen times over the years…that’s probably a really low estimate

…don’t you judge me c*cksucker.

I have decided to intertwine this show and the convention for you as well.

If you come to the booth and utter a line from that show that I cannot tell you what season it is from and who said it, I will give you 50% ANY single item at our booth!  (booth number 2200…See details on what we will have by clicking  here).  That includes original artwork, silk screened posters…whatever.  Pick whatever you want as the possible discounted item…


That’s right , you could save big bucks on original artwork!



Walk off with silkscreed prints for half of what the hoopleheads have to pay.



here are the rules.

The line must be at least 10 words long. MOST lines on that show are longer than this, I make this rule to avoid anyone coming up with some line more than one character may have said. So don’t come up as say ” who said – shoot the c*cksuker” and expect to win on technicality because the character you meant was different than the character I answered with even though they both said it.

You can only use the discount on things anyone else could go home with..don’t point to the display or the giant banner and ask “how much?”

No rain checks.  If you get there too late for a poster or the artwork you saw earlier is gone, too bad.  First come first served.

-announce that you would would like to participate in the contest, and then tell me your line.  It must be word for word the line as it was spoken on the show, feel free to write it down, I don’t expect YOU to memorize it.

-I can ask you to repeat it twice to ensure I heard you, not to stall.

-I have five minutes to answer correctly.

-I do not get to look anything up in the five minutes or consult with anyone.

-If I give an incorrect answer before the five minutes is up YOU win, I don’t get to keep guessing for five minutes.

-A correct answer consists of the season it was said, and the name of the character ( not the actress or actor).  The “name” is any name that specifically identifies that character, for instance. it can be the first name or just the last name as long as it is clear to whom I am refering, or a nickname like “calmity Jane” instead of “Jane Canery” or “E.B. Farnum” instead of “Eutus Baily Farnum”. So  Don’t go looking to win because I said “Samuel Fields” instead of dropping the N-Bomb in public. The point being it is clear I know who said it and what season.

“what’s Steve the Drunk’s sir name?” Mrs Elsworth, Season 3

-None of that will matter because you will lose.

-one chance per attendee, you don’t get to keep coming back every day with a different line.

You have three seasons worth of lines to choose from to try to stump me.

“come scare me in the thoroughfare”

George Hearst season 3.

HA! thought I was going to slip up didn’t you?  Dan WROTE the line but never said it.  Hearst read it out loud.  That would have been a sneaky way to win, but still would not have worked.  You’ll have to do better than that c*cksucker.




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