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Stay tuned for more possible surprises as we close in on the show!

Including details on the “stump Doug on Deadwood quotes for 50% off” contest

Link below is for our place on the CCI Exclusives webpage.  We will have the three listed there, and one other to be named soon!

This year at Comic-con International there will be movies stars, movie exhibits, t.v. stars, networks, video game companies, and a few booths even exhibiting comic books.

One booth will have the dark humor ,cult favorite Arsenic Lullaby.  Award nominated in the U.S. and Europe, with stories that have gone on to appear in Mad Magazine and Comedy Central, Arsenic Lullaby takes a back seat to no one in any medium for dark, despicable, ingenious comedy.

The writer and illustrator Douglas Paszkiewicz will be at booth 2200 all five days, every hour in a display of will power, dedication, and let’s be honest…a thumbing of his nose at the competition who are not going to such length.

We will have TWO, exclusive issues with blank back covers he will sketch on for people who want a truly one of a kind souvenir.  You might want to get there early though, because let’s be honest again, the sketches are going to get worse as the marathon goes on…hell, by Sunday you might get a sketch done with his left hand.

SO…while others wait in line for plastic crap that’s only value is the “Exclusive” label, that they will see by the thousands later that day on ebay anyhow, or others wait all day to get into a panel about some show in hopes of getting the inside scoop only to see the whole panel was recorded by someone and put on youtube that same day…YOU could leave with an exclusive issue of Arsenic Lullaby with a hand drawn sketch by a world class illustrator.  Seems like a no brainer, but this link has samples of our work if you need a convincer.

ARSENIC LULLABY LIMITED EDITION TPBThe best of Arsenic Lullaby Pulp edition no.1, Omega and No.Zero ( That’s the Eisner Award nominated Issue with characters that went on to appear on Comedy Central!)

Voodoo Joe vs a 95 year old man in a nursing home! Baron Von Donut and his doomed romance with Ms. Mango! Tex Buckaroo fighting a ginat eyeball and MORE!

Limited to 300

( that’s right only 300…we don’t plan on working much on Sunday )

ONLY 300!

Now here’s a souvenir for you.  Page after page of our most recent best and most despicable stories AND you can have it sketched on the back by the man himself!  (yep this one is limited to 300 also, the plan this year- set up, move units, screw off a lot at the end)

Silk Screened Poster!


Three color silk screened poster featuring one of Douglas’ most striking illustrations
limited to 50!  (maybe 55-60…sometimes the silkscreener give us a few extras, but either way this won’t be around long)
ARSENIC LULLABY “stonger than the stains on your soul!”
four color Poster!


One of our weirdest scenes in giant full color glory!

Limited to…I forget now what the quantity will be, but you get the general idea…not that many

 This brand new print will be debuting
at CCI and of course you can get that autographed.

We’ll have other fine prints as well ( see below)


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