When I am trying to offend you…trust me, you’ll KNOW IT.

The Arsenic Lullaby X-mas Bomb Shelter is OPEN. I purposely use “X-mas” instead of  “Christmas”.  I had a fellow bust my chops a couple of times for this on Facebook…I didn’t make much of it until I started getting more emails complaining that I am somehow part of taking the… Continue reading

This weeks Podcast- Earn money at home by learning from Orwell

May 10 2015 – Earn money at home by learning from Orwell  Douglas devises uses for drones including killing old people, going on blind dates, and confusing rioters listen by clicking below ( podcasts usually appear on Itunes within 6 hours of being published here) http://www.arseniclullabies.com/Podcasts/ASV201505010c.mp3 for more podcasts www.astrangersvoice.com… Continue reading

This weeks Podcast- the Pragmatism of the Gay community vs rioting

the Pragmatism of the Gay community vs rioting “funny how the Gay community managed to bring the entire State of Indiana to it’s knees and get them to change their own law within two weeks without one act of violence” Doug compares the uselessness of protesting and rioting and the… Continue reading

This weeks podcast – a Dastardly Duo

Because Douglas was out of town for a convention Sunday, this week’s blog is a rerun- featuring a rare guest,  Christopher Herndon and fellow Illustrator and fellow …uhm… eccentric .  New Podcast next week that will perhaps be full of tales of his 9 hour car ride.  For now though…listen… Continue reading

This weeks podcast- the frightening world of adult dating

Doug reaps what he sows on an online dating site, briefly reads a story about a man who injected silicone into his penis, and THEN…believe it or not finally address the Bill Cosby accusations in an insightful and mature way, and swerves into a theory that the sheer numbers point… Continue reading

This week Podcast- romance of the damned

  This weeks Podcast- After describing an unorthodox plan for making sure next winter is not so depressing, Doug wanders into the horrific land of online dating and describes what is available to him in his area. “This is like the online dating site of Dr. Moreau”.  We also learn… Continue reading

The weeks Podcast -gencon, dogs and then jelly

  This weeks podcast Doug addresses the Gencon vs the state of Indiana situation, and tells us about more problems with his neighbors …and a give he received from one of them *having trouble with this file…if a player isn’t visible here on your browser…I don’t know…we’ll figure it out… Continue reading

This weeks Podcast “us vs them”

    The podcasts have returned…this episode Doug yells at all of you for making him the voice of reason.   You can listen Below or on Itunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/a-strangers-voice/id436277765?mt=2&i=327783255   http://www.arseniclullabies.com/Podcasts/ASV%202015%203%2025%202.mp3 Continue reading

fine, here’s your podcasts

Because you people just luuuuuuuve the stuff I do that I don’t actually get paid for, and bitch when I stop.  We’re doing them again.  We did on on Xmas day but never uploaded it to Itunes, posted it here once.  meh, Whatever, If godaddy wasn’t such a f*cking nightmare… Continue reading

This weeks Podcast- Doug confuses protesters and Xmas carolers.

  This weeks Podcast is up!  You can listen below or go to http://www.arseniclullabies.com/  also available here on itunes!   (bumper music courtesy of Scream Machine and Lockjaw ) Dec 20 2014 Doug confuses protesters and carolers, describes what Cuba will be like after five years of ‘merican tourism and… Continue reading

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