fine, here’s your podcasts

Because you people just luuuuuuuve the stuff I do that I don’t actually get paid for, and bitch when I stop.  We’re doing them again.  We did on on Xmas day but never uploaded it to Itunes, posted it here once.  meh, Whatever, If godaddy wasn’t such a f*cking nightmare to get this to work on I’d be more vigilant about it.

anyhow, they have both been uploaded into Itune and should show up later today.

sticking them both here also (below) …and at some point soon we’ll get an actual page for them.

As long as your are getting all this free entertainment…go to out online store and spend some f*cking money.  Coupon code -cthulhu – is good for 20% off this week in honor of my illustration being featured on Weird Tales Magazines page this week. 

TDOFhell wash done onlineDec 25 2014

-Xmass Day Podcast

Doug walks out in the middle of mass  “it just got to weird”

Feb 20th 2015

-this is your rug on drugs

The carpet the neighbor died on has finally been removed and a liquor store has open right next to Doug’s house



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