the only thing that stands between you and the shreiking nothingness…

Well, I called that one. I said Facebook was on borrowed time, and It looks like I was right.  Just judging by my own newsfeed on there, we are collectively wandering away from FB.   It isn’t just my anecdotal evidence, according to the stats FB peaked and is in decline. … Continue reading

We don’t want your ideas!!!

Allow me to, as I often do, speak on behalf of many many ( read :ALL) Comic book professionals. My work is pretty abrasive and so my readers have thick skins and don’t go crying to momma when I say something mean.  This allows me to be the bad guy… Continue reading

Walking Dead Spoilers Nov.9

    Despite not having cable..I am able to not only watch The Walking Dead but see it before it airs through the power of deep mediation and mind altering amounts of caffeine …a dosage of caffeine so high  that when I am not moving causes my body to actually… Continue reading

boo hoo hoo you’re pretty.

I am staring at my computer screen and on it is some video of an attractive woman walking around new york city getting “cat called” next to that is some blog with screen shots of various harassing messages from dopes to attractive women. Let me explain something to all… Continue reading

Oh what I’m gonna do to you…hahahahahahaaaaa

  play while reading…..     gosh darn if this song ain’t catchy…plus these damn kids are so freaking precious. I wanna just pinch their little cheeks…and kidnap them both and tie them up in my basement and make em watch me cut my own penis off and bleed to… Continue reading

“awesome con” …awesomly not happening

I remember starting out.  I wasn’t always an elder statesman of independent publishing.  I didn’t used to have a resume full award nominations from here to Europe and credits on Mad Magazine and Comedy Central.   I remember what it was like, and what you had to go through.  I remember… Continue reading

Walking Dead Spoilers Nov.2

Here are my walking dead spoilers for this week as they appeared on my FB feed as the show airs… 8:05 Beth has  kidnapped by the remnants of the staff of the largest animal hospital in Atalanta,to be part of an experiment to save mankind. Primates seem to be immune… Continue reading

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