Oh what I’m gonna do to you…hahahahahahaaaaa


play while reading…..



gosh darn if this song ain’t catchy…plus these damn kids are so freaking precious. I wanna just pinch their little cheeks…and kidnap them both and tie them up in my basement and make em watch me cut my own penis off and bleed to death. The looks on their faces will be worth it. First frighted and panicked when I whip it out, then horrified and confused when I cut it off…maybe I’ll write “this is for Georgia” with it on the wall before I collapse to add to their mental search for an answer as to what is going on… hopefully between thier screams and the pain , I’d be able to die in peace without this song in my head anymore….Then they’d just be stuck there with my dead body and a pool of blood until someone finds them…which won’t be until someone notices I’m missing…which won’t be for a long time because I am old and alone…and now YOU TWO will know what it’s like! You two rosy cheeked little nymphs with your bubble gum earworms…You’ll know…Trapped in my basement every second feeling like hours, waiting, wondering when someone anyone will knock on the door!……also it makes me wanna dance around and tap on stuff with my ink brush. I guess I’ll just do that. dadada dadadadda dada da da dadadada daaa

I wanna take his kid, and hold him down and put a hot piece of charcoal on the smell of his back….and hold him there until it cools. and as for her…I dunno, she kinds got that look in her eyes like there ain’t a damn thing you could do that would be worse than something that already happened. what I don’t know, but those are the eyes of someone who can no longer be emotionally harm. and she’s taking it out on the world with this song.

wait…I know…she has some artifact from her childhood, before whatever incident happened. A doll maybe…some symbol that she holds dear, I’d run that over with a lawn mower.  and then punch her in the head.

In other news, I’ve been working on the same stinking panel for an entire day…I think I finally got it though. So that’s good, should be a productive weekend.


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