Walking Dead Spoilers Nov.2

Here are my walking dead spoilers for this week as they appeared on my FB feed as the show airs…


Beth has  kidnapped by the remnants of the staff of the largest animal hospital in Atalanta,to be part of an experiment to save mankind. Primates seem to be immune to the zombie virus…so her head is to be attached to a gorilla,,,and then left in a cage with zombies to be bitten and observed.


The guy with the crossbow and the old broad burst in just as the blonde daughters head has been removed to be put onto the Gorilla body. At arrow point the veterinarian explains his insane idea of switching peoples heads. The guy with the crossbow is knocked out from behind by…the old broad, who makes a deal. She will allow the unholy experiment to go on…if she can have her head put onto the blonde daughters younger, less creaky, pre menopause body.


The guy with the crossbow comes to…he is immediately seduced , despite his best verbal and physical protest, by the old broad who had her head attached to the young blonde daughters body. He is unable to “perform” to her satisfaction…perhaps the months of malnutrition, perhaps the mental trauma, perhaps …as he puts it ” Gah! you necks’ full of stitches! and there is no transition from old head to young body…it’s like a hunk of burlap glued to a stretch of silk, and your dirty talk is way out of date…i’m like 20 something, I don’t know what a Eisenhower clam bake is!”.”. whatever the case..she has instructed the vet to attach his head to a body more able to “handle the ride”…the body of THE GORILLA!


The old broad, the guy with the crossbow, and the blonde daughter all awake from surgery…to find all of their heads have been attached to giant scorpion bodies…and they are now the pets of THE GOVERNOR! who has had his severed head attached to the blonde daughters body.  He plans to wear a veil and use the taught young body to lure Rick into a compromising position before revealing himself and killing him.”I’ll probably have to kill the kid in the sheriffs hat too” he ponders ” that kids is as randy as all get out..plus, I’m smoking hot now.  I was hot before just having an eyepatch…now I have an eyepatch and tits”   Just as he is about to leave to find Rick he is told that it is too late and he has curfew.  “You aren’t going anywhere on a school night young lady!”  declares…the HEAD of the old doctor guy who is her father…that is now attached to the gorilla.

This concludes our broadcast day

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