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Well, I called that one.

I said Facebook was on borrowed time, and It looks like I was right.  Just judging by my own newsfeed on there, we are collectively wandering away from FB.   It isn’t just my anecdotal evidence, according to the stats FB peaked and is in decline.  Demanding that everyone allow FB to have access to their phones info to use the FB apt drove a lot of people away, plus their dumbass attempts to force people to use their real names (thereby taking all the fun out of it for ne’r do wells..and ne’r do wells being 95% of the internet) has lead to a lot of people using it less.  Although, I think frankly we have all just gotten as much out of posting pics of our lunches, cats, and typing how good our day was into the abyss of the internet as we are going to and social media itself is becoming passe.  People have slowly realized that there is a reason entertainers are paid to entertain us …they are good at it, and eavesdropping on the the average joe or seeing how fat their high school classmates have become isn’t going to continue staving off the daily boredom anymore.

Fine by me I hated Facebook to begin with.

AND…I have come to the conclusion now after Facebook and Myspace, that I am just chasing the sun on these sites anyhow.  From now on is your daily destination for a glimpse into my daily decent into madness, frustration, and annoyance at the world in general…oh yeah and for Arsenic Lullaby updates and sneak previews.

as you look to fill the time you wasted daily on Facebook…with other ways to waste time, here are links to find us.

Arsenic Lullaby  weekly blog (random and seething with skewed opinions as well as updates)

occasionally I do a podcast, they are good but I only do them once in awhile they are here

Comic Art Fans (where I stick up some of my better work just for the sake of showing off)

**NEW**   Instagram ( where I struggle to keep myself motivated by posting nightly pics of whatever I am working on)

**NEW**Twitter ( eh…you might as well follow me there to make sure you aren’t missing any nuggets of wisdom)

**NEW**Youtube Channel ( cartoons, and videos of me trying to explain comic book illustration…while complaining about comic book illustration. )

**sort of new***ComicRelated ( where I have a regular column complaining and giving brilliant and insightful commentary about the comic book industry)

***New*** Tumblr  updates and pics (copied from this main blog)

Deviant Art- Another online art gallery

AND of course where you can find all this and more!


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