James Gunn fired over ten year old tweets-Dear Hollywood, grow up.

Moving onto yet another instance of things Hollywood seems to think society in general has some need to know.  James Gunn, the man behind the Guardians of the Galaxy movie franchise has been fired for some pedophilia jokes that he tweeted in 2009. I am speaking now to 99% of… Continue reading

The Road to Comic-Con International 2018

  On a normal year, by now you’d have seen a “the road to CCI Part2 ” “…part 2″ …”part 3” and so on by now, complete with declarations of what we’ll have for you at the booth. I’ve given some thought to my normal approach to the big show…as… Continue reading

The FBI caught a terrorist on my block…yes, for real.

  I got quite a few responses to my blogs about a pending comic book crash and how to prevent it, some agreed, some disagreed.  However many where tired of hearing about the comic book industry.  Sigh…Fine…back to what a lowlife I am. ISIS agent caught by FBI in my… Continue reading

Here’s my problem with Gay Pride month.

I’m gonna tell you something right now, the next time I have some important thing that needs to be negotiated…I’m gonna make sure a LBGT person is doing it for me.  Because how in the blue hell do you get to have JUNE?  That’s like the best month.  Black people… Continue reading

Who says you have to have any “last words” anyway…

Your last words… I saw a movie recently where several characters think they’re going to die, and give the ole “I love you” last words. I’ve been thinking about this, and that’s a real a-hole move.  It’s just going to make people sadder.  Han Solo did it right. Simple, dignified,… Continue reading

Karen Page is the worst human being in the MCU

  Karen Page is the worst human being in the MCU The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been around for just over ten full years now, and It’s time you all realized that the truest force of evil and destruction in the MCU is not some super powered mastermind, crime lord,… Continue reading

Aliens, Art Bell, and Stan Lee

As far as impending celebrity deaths go, I’ve been dreading news of Stan Lee for so long that I never even gave any thought to Art Bell dying. Art Bell was one of the guys who saved am radio from dying off decades ago.   After FM radio came out with… Continue reading

Some dumb a-hole broke into my car

discount code Coupon code – voodoo – is good for 20% off your entire order at the Arsenic Lullaby Online Store.  The store loads slow AF, we’re working on it. You call that trying to steal a Car? Life…likes to pile on you. Bad things come in bunches, USUALLY it’s… Continue reading

You call that a cult?!

Easter savings and half assed cults! Wooo! Big Easter sale!  This is the part where you’d expect me to make a bunch of jokes like “savings are rising from the tomb!” or “roll the boulder from the tomb of savings!” or “you don’t need to roll dice with another Centurion… Continue reading

Temporarily no longer crazy AND coupon code

  Coupon code – spring18 – is good for 25% off your entire order at the Arsenic Lullaby Online Store.  The store loads slow AF, we’re working on it. ***this particular code DOES work with original art*** WINTER MADNESS HAS PASSED For most of my life I didn’t believe in… Continue reading

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