Don’t bring a lightsaber to a gunfight

See this this guy? No that’s not the guy from pawn Stars, that’s a guy who was taken down and arrested at Phoenix Comic-con this weekend.  He had on his person several handguns and a shotgun, some knifes and who knows what else.  Depending on where you get your story… Continue reading

Gettin’ paid and Gettin’ laid.

In just a few short weeks you’ll be able to come and see me at the MSP Comicon. and that is the ONLY time you can see me this spring.  I won’t be at any other conventions or and any FCDB events.  I’m f*kcing busy junior.  I ain’t got time… Continue reading

You can’t say I didn’t warn them…

“You can’t say I didn’t warn them” …which is a nice way of saying “I told you so” …which is a nice way of saying “I tried to get those idiots to understand that they were headed for disaster, but they would not listen” “Douglas…can you be more specific?  You… Continue reading

You call this a brush?! (explicit language warning)

This is the kind of inking I do (below).  It’s delicate work.  You need the right tool for the job. For this I used a Windsor Newton series 7 no.0 (for every single line). I was very specific on what brush, because I use a very specific brush.  The series… Continue reading


The big news! ***subscribers to our email updates found out about this two weeks ago…you really should sign up HERE****   Ever have good news and you have to sit on it so long that by the time you can tell everyone it feels really anti-climactic? And everyone is all… Continue reading

Just as a general rule, I don’t like helping anyone

Just as a general rule, I don’t like helping anyone… I’m talking about donating to charities here. I used to do that sort of thing, now I don’t.  I would say I had “one too many bad experiences” but it would be more accurate to say ” I had no… Continue reading

Pupinia Stewart comedy Alpha Predator

Pupinia Stewart comedy Alpha Predator I decided I wanted to do comedy for a living when I was about 12.  Let’s be clear on what that job is…it is too make people laugh. It is a tough job.  It is your job to produce a response that is at best… Continue reading

Creator of TWD slams Valiant comics?…uhm…not really

(the blog is fixed!…took longer than we thought, but lets take her for a drive eh?) Robert Kirkman vs…Valiant? A “news story” popped up on my feed that I think has a couple of teachable moments to it. The story appears via a comic book “news” website, that is clickbait,… Continue reading

A teachable moment for the Comic-Con Industry

I was on the interwebs this weekend trying to figure out the name of a stand-up comedy showcase type show that was on in the 90’s.  I used to watch it as a young buck and was trying to think of the name of it when talking to my friend… Continue reading

Ruthless confidence and a giant ego can sometimes need refueling

The beginning of 2017 has been..frustrating and draining, due to a lot of things I’m not at liberty to discuss right now.  Several projects are just up in the air, and some good work is not going to see the light of day.  It’s like that sometimes in the creative… Continue reading