someone find this kid in four years and send her this letter.

Saw this story being “shared” on social media as though it was sweet and cute.  It’s is neither. It made my skin crawl.  If you actually think for a moment, your head will spin…especially when you READ THE PARENTS QUOTES.  Read it, then come back here. Parents Get Tattoo Of… Continue reading

This weeks Blog from Dave The Black Guy- Linda Carter vs. Kim Kardashian

  Linda Carter vs. Kim Kardashian I love old TV shows. Classics like The Love Boat, Happy Days, and Three’s Company are just better than so many shows on today. They just are. I will not be told otherwise. There is a local affiliate that shows old TV shows and… Continue reading

prior to contrary belief…waking up at noon don’t mean you don’t work a lot

I live above a print shop and the guys down there always razz me about how late I sleep.  “well, good morning sunshine!” They’ll say as I wander in around 1pm to pick up any packages that might have come for me.   Let it be known though, I actually work… Continue reading

fine, here’s your podcasts

Because you people just luuuuuuuve the stuff I do that I don’t actually get paid for, and bitch when I stop.  We’re doing them again.  We did on on Xmas day but never uploaded it to Itunes, posted it here once.  meh, Whatever, If godaddy wasn’t such a f*cking nightmare… Continue reading

Comic-con conventions schedule so far

ARSENIC LULLABY 2015 TOUR (cities and dates so far…more to come) Good lord, is winter over yet?  I am cracking under the lack of sun and flesh freezing cold.  Not to mention, I don’t have co-workers and when I am not traveling I am basically a shut in with delusions… Continue reading

This weeks blog from Dave The Black Guy- Snowmageddon and the mob mentality

Snowmageddon and the mob mentality So the East Coast has had a pretty rough winter, and since only the East Coast matters, the world is shaken by the news. I was really hoping for more chaos because I am an agent of chaos. I don’t like order; I get bored… Continue reading

The Walking Dumb or who you’d REALLY want on your side

“… but what he does have is a particular set of skills…” above are pictures of two men.  One is Rick Grimes, ex sheriff turned post end of the world throat biting, machete swinging, six gun shootin’ bad ass.  Next to him…is an assistant manager at a Walmart.  Given the… Continue reading

You are missing everything that’s good in life!

If you don’t like this video…I just don’t know what I can say for you You know what there is too much of in this country right now?  There is too much of this attitude “I like what I  like, and anything out of that spectrum is stupid and I’m… Continue reading

Walking Dead Spoiler Feb 8th

!!SPOILER ALERT!! The show starts with an open field full of zombies…after 5 minutes of an open field full of zombies the director says “cut” and sends an assistant to get the actors out of their trailers and onto the set. The actors are not in their trailers, or even… Continue reading

Dear Seattle, I thought it was real funny when your team lost.

If there is one thing I have learned from being a football fan for all these years it is this- It is not too often that your team wins a super bowl.  Even when your team is as awesome as the New England Patriots, it is a rare thing.  And… Continue reading

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