snapped off another bolt.

In some ways my job is very different then other people’s jobs, and the struggles are not very relateable.  Sometimes though it’s easy to sympathize. When I worked at a garage for a living I had those days were every bolt that needed to be removed was rusted beyond moving,… Continue reading

Time to meet the public— Fall convention schedual

This kid’s parents really show be keeping a closer eye on him FALL CONVENTION SCHEDULE Because there is nothing better for a mid-life crisis than long drives with nothing to do but think about everything you wished you had done differently  ( most of which involves me EVER starting this… Continue reading

Suicide emergency instructions

  This may be for you, this may be for someone you know, this maybe for someone you don’t even know is out there. SHARE THIS…it is very possible someone needs it and you don’t even know it I know you’re out there I’ve been where you’re at or Suicide… Continue reading

damn it.

It’s not often I am shocked or left with out words.  I don’t know what I want to say, of what he’d want me to say. I found out that Nick Post died yesterday.  If you knew Nick you are probably just as shocked as I am.  If you didn’t… Continue reading

Two sides to every story (follow up one the palmotti rant from yesterday)

Well, yesterday I told you about a FB post from one Jimmy Palmotti (that blog is here Here is the post in question Jimmy Palmiotti 42 mins · Safety Harbor, FL · Why Amanda can no longer do free sketches at cons. Happens every single con. ps: do not… Continue reading

Attention fellow illustrators…grow up.

I go home and I think about you, and I laugh I saw a blurb on my Facebook feed the other night that makes my opportunities to slither out of this industry into larger mediums all the more satisfying.  If nothing else I won’t be in the same field as… Continue reading

career advice

The cream forces itself to the top. I’ve been a writer and illustrator for a while now, and my independently published comic Arsenic Lullaby has become a benchmark of sorts.  Somewhere along the way I have  unwittingly graduated from loud mouth punk to elder statesman in the eyes of peers… Continue reading

Marvel finally butchers something I liked…

Up to now I have been able to watch with glee as Marvel and DC and others butcher, bastardize, and homogenize your childhood favorites.  Hahaha I laughed to myself as they made the Human Torch black, (which by the way ,Marvel, is ripe for racist jokes about how he’s burned… Continue reading

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