Do you like it when someone tells you how to do YOUR job?

Don’t try this at home Getting annoyed, for me anyhow, is allot like being a tea kettle. It just sort of builds up slowly until a shrieking noise comes out of me seemingly out of nowhere. People who are the straw that broke the camels back often didn’t REALLY have… Continue reading

Getting Original Artwork

Purchasing Arsenic Lullaby original art or You can’t please everyone It doesn’t seem that long ago that I brought Arsenic Lullaby artwork to shows just for the sake of having something on the table as a conversation piece. Now a days most of it never even makes it to shows,… Continue reading

Review of the Greece Comic-con

Attention 80% of U.S. comic book conventions, you just got your ass kicked by Greece  or  It’s about the attendance stupid.   In case you are new to my general attitude because this blog has been passed along to you, I am no Europe loving hippie liberal. I believe that… Continue reading

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