Captain Marvel- since when does “Diversity” mean a white blonde with a flat ass gets the lead?

…You know, I really didn’t think this would bother me as much as it is. I didn’t think it would bother me at all in fact. It could be it’s the continually cold, bleak, gray unending winter suffocating me, making me want to lash out…but THIS is NOT Captain Marvel… Continue reading

Lemme tell you something about this turtle

Maybe it’s just my newsfeed…but I keep seeing this guy. ..he’s usually accompanied by text and such about keeping our oceans clean and not polluting. Okay…fine, great.  Me, myself, personally, I don’t give a crap if one second after I die there isn’t a single drop of clean water, breathable… Continue reading

FINISHED Krampus illustration (final progress)

When we last left our hero he was struggling but making progress on a Krampus Illustration So…since then it has gone like so…I tackled inking the broken glass and some odds and ends that really ain’t as hard as they look. and finally worked up the courage to finish… Continue reading

The Wasp had it coming-In defense of Hank Pym

IN DEFENSE OF HANK PYM OR The Wasp was a real Piece of Sh*t when you really look at There are pivotal moments in comic book history that define a character for all fans and future creative teams. The Death of Gwen Stacy for Spider-Man, The Death of Bucky for… Continue reading

In response to BiIll Maher

 Bill Maher…yeash In case you missed it, while the rest of the world was remembering the life and work of Stan Lee…failed comedian and political pundit Bill Maher decided to try to piss on it. Here’s excerpts from Bill Maher’s screed about us mourning the loss of comic book icon… Continue reading

About Stan Lee’s parade and two story bronze statue

This my be some stage of grief but it’s something we need to get done. I’ve seen a lot of nice things written about Stan Lee, beautiful memorializing illustrations, some very touching comics…that’s great…and that is A NICE START BUT IT IS NOT ENOUGH. Not by a long shot. That… Continue reading


STAN LEE CREATED A WORLD…IT’S THE ONE WE LIVE IN. If I’m a bit tardy in putting this blog out it is because after I heard of Stan Lee’s passing…I needed to get drunk. I don’t know that you can put into words just how important and impactful the life… Continue reading

#Metoo is for everyone, right? Because I seem to have a problem on my hands

This is a rare blog where it is probably actually going to be helpful. I am not going to lie here, that helpfulness is a by-product. This is grounded in being self-serving. I, specifically, have a problem. And I don’t know what I am supposed to do about it. This… Continue reading

Quick intro/how to for using Steemit

I went over the “why” you should get on Steemit earlier HERE.  and as many of you are signing up, this blog might help you hit the ground running.  Steemit is what is known as “alt-tech” or a “decentralized platform”  which, as I understand it, more or less means there… Continue reading

If you are a creative type, there are better neighborhoods than Facebook popping up

If you’re someone who’s on social media partly to advance your creative endeavors, you don’t need me to explain to you that Facebook sucks.  It sucks bad, it’s doing far less for you than it used to…if it’s doing anything at all. You started on there and have remained because… Continue reading

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