get some of my work before I am senile

Coupon code – birthday- is good for 25% off until Nov 25.  Code -bah- for 5.00 off ,  and code – humbug- for 20% off are good until Jan 1 2016 Getting old sucks. Getting old sucks a big hard one.  It sucks a big fat, veiny… Once you… Continue reading

If you are under 30 “offensive” shouldn’t even be in your vocabulary

The only thing offensive around here is everything you are missing out on. I remember being young, one of the irritating things was old people blathering on about how great things used to be, while at the same time stifling you from making YOUR “now” great. Tired old farts preoccupied… Continue reading

My Birthday, Comedy Central, and Valiant Ent.

***some of you had trouble viewing this earlier, we fixed the code, should be fine now.  Thanks for coming back.  If you don’t feel like reading through the whole thing, here is the info on the sale –online store. Coupon code -fallcon- is good for 25% off *** FIRST… a… Continue reading

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