AMC reinstates Hardwick, and the biggest lie of the whole fiasco

As far as a grand finale of my mind being blown…this story did not disappoint. Everybody just put aside what you think of Dykstra or Hardwick for now… Let’s just back up to what we can all agree on, back up to some common ground, because this ending is mind… Continue reading

James Gunn fired over ten year old tweets-Dear Hollywood, grow up.

Moving onto yet another instance of things Hollywood seems to think society in general has some need to know.  James Gunn, the man behind the Guardians of the Galaxy movie franchise has been fired for some pedophilia jokes that he tweeted in 2009. I am speaking now to 99% of… Continue reading

Comic-Con International recap 2018

Comic Con International 2018 recap I…am exhausted. And being a bit overtaken with anxiety. It is a hell of a thing for your brain to deal with- going from five straight days of people asking for your autograph, telling you how much they like your work, ect…to it all just… Continue reading

The Road to Comic-Con International 2018

  On a normal year, by now you’d have seen a “the road to CCI Part2 ” “…part 2″ …”part 3” and so on by now, complete with declarations of what we’ll have for you at the booth. I’ve given some thought to my normal approach to the big show…as… Continue reading

Dykstra has changed her story…let’s all learn from this

*the amount of traffic here lately has been giving the ole server some issues, if you’re sending friends here just let them know it might take a couple tries…so there ain’t much I can do about it until my webmaster comes back from the Holiday vacation* The story has changed…let’s… Continue reading

In case you’re confused, Jaimie Alexander is what a feminists looks like

This whole Hardwick fiasco needs to come to an end because I can’t handle having my mind blown every two days by stories of people bending over backwards trying to avoid having admitted they where wrong.. I’m sitting at my computer…minding my own business and on my newsfeed is some… Continue reading

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