Powerpuff girls part2 OR ask a stupid question…

So in my previous blog I asked why grown men are giving their opinion of a comic book for 7 year old girls. (that blog is here) for those of you gifted enough to manage to miss my very not subtle point…that was the main question. I wasn’t making any… Continue reading

Powerpuff girls cover controversy…someone help me understand something about this.

I’m very confused… Okay, just to recap for myself and the few people who aren’t familiar with the story. A variant cover of the  powerpuff girls was supposed to look like this. That’s a pretty damn good cover all the way around, but more than one parent had a big… Continue reading

…Attention Greeks…

( I had to get help translating this..so if it doesn’t make much sense, let me know and I’ll just repost the bastard in English) Γεια σας Έλληνες φίλοι μου. Τελευταίως, δεν έχω δει πολλές σκηνές από την υπέροχη χώρα σας στις ειδήσεις, ελπίζω να μην είστε όλοι νεκροί, δολοφονημένοι… Continue reading

Modified Arsenic Lullaby story to appear in Comedy Central’s -Trip Tank-

Modified Arsenic Lullaby story  to appear in Comedy Central’s Trip Tank …and that’s the facts Jack If this caught you flat-footed then you missed the previous Blog leading up to this announcement, you can find that at this link  http://arseniclullabies.com/wordpress/?p=943 The only new information I have for you is that… Continue reading


The convention season is almost here.  This mean yours truly will be flat hatting it around the country trying to enrich your lives with the wonder and majesty that is my work of illustration and prose  ARSENIC LULLABY (I may have used the word “prose” wrong…I may have also spelled… Continue reading


    DOUGLAS PASZKIEIWCZ COMMISSION GUIDELINES Douglas Paszkiewicz has been in the comic book industry for 10 years.  He has been or is a contributor to Too Much Coffee Man magazine, Pete the P.O. ‘d Postal Worker, Image Comics, Mad Magazine, Topps Mars Attacks trading card set 2013. His own… Continue reading

The Paszkiewicz Method to beating depression

Here’s a blog I meant to do during the holidays but didn’t get to because I was mired in the Fetus X-mas Ornament fiasco, but it is valuable advice for beating depression.  SO, If you suffer from depression and didn’t kill yourself …this will help next time.  If you DID… Continue reading

The great Unloading part 3…what’s in THIS box?

This is the last of it Link to ALL the items in our unloading of 2014 sale at this link  http://arseniclullabies.highwire.com/products/sale?pagesize=48 (don’t forget…we have scratch and dent copies of the most recent collection itself  CHEAP http://arseniclullabies.highwire.com/product/the-big-stall-hardcover-skratch-and-dent-1 ) . . Okay, I have successfully rearranged/organized my office ( more or less)… Continue reading

The story about some ducks

  Years and years ago I had to drag my ass out of bed at the crack of dawn and drive to my job at a garage in the suburbs…on the way was a duck pond and I would see the ducks playing and enjoying life as I went to… Continue reading

The great unloading of 2014 (cheap)

One of a kind items! factory seconds! original artwork that is riddled with mistakes! priced to move! There’s gonna be some changes around here or I’ll start drawing when I can see the floor again. I have come to the conclusion that I do entirely too many things that don’t… Continue reading

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