I know it seems like I shoot my mouth off a lot, but if you pay attention you’ll notice I’m not one of those guys who boasts about things he “going to do”.  I shoot my mouth off about things I’ve done or that I know for sure are going… Continue reading

aw crap, I’m old.

My birthday is Nov.23.  It’s a big one.  I won’t tell you how old I’m going to be, because you wouldn’t believe me anyhow…I’m way to pretty to be that old.   I’ve accomplished a lot..and there are only a few things I’d still like to do, but the normal question… Continue reading

Moving part 1

  CH CH CH CHANGES… or Saying goodby to a deathtrap. The thing I will remember most about my old apartment was the menacing electrical surge/noise/vibration that intermittently rattled the side of the house when the wind blew. The house was so old the wiring was the kind you see… Continue reading


Don’t f*ck with me, I use my brain for a living or My ideas will out live your spreadsheets I am a writer of fiction.  Unlike other professions, on top of trying to earn a living I have the annoying task of getting people to realize I EARN my living.… Continue reading

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