I am so damn tired

Okay…new blogs every Wednesday…so…uhm…here we go. I just did two mid-sized comic-cons in two weeks so I am tired.  So damn tired.  I’ll give the winners and losers of 2015 next week, I have to get a little info from a friend of mine on a couple of things so… Continue reading

False bravado vs unfounded terror

I read a blog recently ( that I should have copied the link too, but forgot) about how creative types end up, through manipulation or self loathing, doing more work than they are actually being paid to do.  Among other points made was this ” all artists secretly feel like… Continue reading

Don’t judge a book by it’s illustrators desk

don’t judge a book by it’s illustrators desk or to see yourself as the world sees you A by gone era of comic book publishing known as “the Golden Age” gave us the industry we have now.  Out of that era came the greats like Jack Kirby, Wally Wood, Alex… Continue reading

9-11…what a joke.

Not long after 9-11 I came up with a gag.  It starts with King Kong getting loose, climbing to the top of the Empire State Building and swatting at airplanes. He’s knocked down and captured and chained ( you probably see where this is going because I started off talking… Continue reading


90% of what I do, you never see. Countless pages of trial and error, countless sketches leading up to those pages, countless ideas leading up to those sketches. How much of that 90% was necessary as a “means to an end”…Lord only knows.  The art Director at Mad Magazine told… Continue reading

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