Great one line pieces of advise I have gotten

I have lived a strange and interesting life, and met many strange and interesting people…and vented to them, and received strange and interesting advice. I am listing these in a random order, as there is no way to determine, until after death, which ended up being the most useful. “I’m… Continue reading

I’m starting to think maybe some people just like to complain…

Once upon a time there was a place called Myspace, and it was fun!   and I had many a heated argument on there, complete with rudeness and name calling and everyone got along, when all was said and done, because we all understood we were just on there clowning… Continue reading

Leaving this mortal coil

You won’t have me to kick around anymore You reach a point were you realize the struggle is useless. That you can’t fight the ocean. You reach a point where continuing on is an exercise in futility. Perhaps those first two sentences lead you to think I was considering suicide.… Continue reading

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