Making prints and sperm deathing

It just wouldn’t be Christmas if my apartment didn’t look like Charles Manson was running an arts and crafts class. Or… and that’s how you do that. Hey remember a couple years ago I made like 100 hand painted ornaments from a cast/mold from a sculpture I sculpted?  Those were… Continue reading

Krampus print set

Still busy, so this blog’s gonna be light on the charm. Krampus Prints, done, get them. the end. …maybe that was a little curt… These turned out pretty good.  Real different compositions and strengths to the different Krampus prints this year. Last year I couldn’t make up my mind on… Continue reading

Updates, Gifts, and Coloring contest

I’m busy as hell so I’ll just give you the bullet points and links. The ARSENIC LULLABY X-MAS BOMB SHELTER IS OPEN Blogs, Podcasts, and comics to keep you busy until the holidays are over. All your gift giving needs can be taken care of at our ONLINE STORE  Coupon… Continue reading

I just spilled a dozen eggs…and here’s some art

 **arseniclullaby X-mas Bomb Shelter is Open*** ***STARTING FRIDAY…THE 2ND ANNUAL COLORING CONTEST, GET YOUR CRAYONS READY!*** Yeah, I bet you wanna know what you’ll be coloring? I’ll show you…in a minute…because I just knocked a dozen eggs on the floor.  Just now, like just before spell checking this blog (the… Continue reading

When I am trying to offend you…trust me, you’ll KNOW IT.

The Arsenic Lullaby X-mas Bomb Shelter is OPEN. I purposely use “X-mas” instead of  “Christmas”.  I had a fellow bust my chops a couple of times for this on Facebook…I didn’t make much of it until I started getting more emails complaining that I am somehow part of taking the… Continue reading

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