Updates, Gifts, and Coloring contest

I’m busy as hell so I’ll just give you the bullet points and links.

The ARSENIC LULLABY X-MAS BOMB SHELTER IS OPEN Blogs, Podcasts, and comics to keep you busy until the holidays are over.

All your gift giving needs can be taken care of at our ONLINE STORE  Coupon code – humbug – is good for 20% off!  There is less than 30 of just about everything so don’t hesitate if you see something.

There is a new Krampus Print this year.  I will make 25, signed and numbered, on tea dipped paper.  Which is just what it sounds like.  It dyes the paper and makes it look real old , like out of some Dickensonian fairy tale book


I’ll be making one more once I make up my mind between these three sketches.


The 2ND ANNUAL COLORING CONTEST HAS BEGUN!  Some decent prizes this year.  here are the first few entries.

First, the lovely and talented Jin Wicked.  what? I never said professionals couldn’t enter.  we are giving away professional level art supplies this year.  Don’t get intimidated though, patheticness, creativity and effort are also taken into account along with skill


next is by the somewhat less lovely and talented…but not unattractive Decapitated Dan!  I neglected to say judges couldn’t enter…so…i guess this counts.


and one by Ivan Wine…I don’t think he has a website to link…I’ll ask.



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