Decisions… decisions

  Comic-Con International is fast approaching. It is the largest comic book convention in the world.  It is actually the largest convention in the world.  It has an annual attendance of 160,000 people.  It has that many because the fire marshal will not let them have any more.  The convention… Continue reading

This was not part of the deal.

  I have been publishing Arsenic Lullaby independently for almost 13 years, I’ve done work for DC, Image, Mad Magazine and a bunch of other publishers as well along the way.  I have been going to 8-10 comic book conventions a year the whole time. Needless to say I have… Continue reading

Big Stall update…

Arsenic Lullaby The Big Stall   I don’t know that there has ever been a more appropriately named book in the history of books. I named it that, coyly ,because allot of the material was stuff Mad thought was too harsh, and things I was coming up with that I… Continue reading

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