Illustration Class is now in session…

Alright…the master will now teach you people a thing or two. If you haven’t read about the soon to be released Arsenic Lullaby Trading card set…details are here. I left a couple of open spots for submissions and got this one for Doug Kallburg.  His work and website is here.… Continue reading

Walking Dead Spoilers Oct.26th

here are this weeks spoilers as the show airs…this page will be updated as the show airs… 8:05 Upon realizing that three of their people are missing , including the guy with the crossbow, the old broad, and the comedic relief black guy, the sheriff decides they should go look… Continue reading

heavy is the head that wears the crown…

You see that up there…I have been struggling to turn that into a two page story.  That is dozens of pages of possible panels, camera shots, angles, backgrounds, figure and postures. I don’t even want to think about the man hours that are sitting there. Conventional wisdom is ” get… Continue reading

Walking dead spoilers Oct 17th

here are this weeks spoilers as the show airs…this page will be updated every 15 minutes! 8pm the show has begun with the blonde daughter who no one cares about in the back of a full sized early model Cadillac, she is hysterical. The occupants are an elderly couple who… Continue reading

NYCC is the new king in town…they verified it themselves

New York Comic Con is the new king in town…just ask them. or can someone out there who claims to be “press” actually do their job? I’m not going to list my credentials, or body or work, or award nominations, or mention the decade of comic book convention exhibiting I’ve… Continue reading

Walking Dead Spoilers Oct 10th

  It has become a tradition somehow that every week on Facebook I give “spoilers” about what is happening on The Walking Dead while the show airs.    …Here are the “spoilers” from The Walking Dead” in the order they appeared as the show aired this week   ***Walking Dead Spoiler… Continue reading

Comic book convention dos and don’ts

So…you want to go to a comic book convention or What to do and what not to do at a comic book convention Milwaukee WI, long ignored by the comic book convention organizers, despite the close proximity to about a dozen comic book stores and half a dozen colleges, finally… Continue reading

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