A big 3-0 and looming catastrophe

The horror…the horror The Midwest Comic Book Association is celebrating it’s 30th year of comic-cons!  In honor of that here is a discount code for THIRTY PERCENT OFF at out online store! code-MCBA30 “uhm…how does you having a big sale on your webstore help this convention?” It doesn’t, when did… Continue reading

Aliens, Art Bell, and Stan Lee

As far as impending celebrity deaths go, I’ve been dreading news of Stan Lee for so long that I never even gave any thought to Art Bell dying. Art Bell was one of the guys who saved am radio from dying off decades ago.   After FM radio came out with… Continue reading

Stan Lee- this might not be as abusive as it appears.

There’s been video and stories going around the internet all week about Stan Lee not looking so good, being a bit out of it, and herded along at a Comic-con. FIRST the video, then my slightly rosier take on it Okay…I’m not saying this is good. And the man is… Continue reading

Spring Comic-cons and the comic book industry coming up short

Let’s take a look at this thing from a distance… We can know that comic related content is king of the pop culture right now, and has been for nearly a decade.  And I’d like to point something out here.  I’m going to use an absurd example to make a… Continue reading

Some dumb a-hole broke into my car

discount code Coupon code – voodoo – is good for 20% off your entire order at the Arsenic Lullaby Online Store.  The store loads slow AF, we’re working on it. You call that trying to steal a Car? Life…likes to pile on you. Bad things come in bunches, USUALLY it’s… Continue reading

Mad Magazine reboot?

***this was sent out to subscribers to our email updates last week. Our emails ain’t you’re usual ads and plugfests, although there is some of that since I’m running a business here, BUT those people get to read the bulk of my rants, see sneak previews first, and get insider… Continue reading

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