Arsenic Lullaby News March 26

  -For those of you who ordered Arsenic Lullaby “the big stall” our all new full color collection on kickstarter, they will be shipping out in waves shortly. -For those of you who missed this, your store can order it in previews right now (They have until the end of… Continue reading

So…you want to go to a comic book convention

So…you want to go to a comic book convention or What to do and what not to do at a comic book convention Convention season is right around the corner, a time in which enthusiastic fans wait in line and spend money for the displeasure of having every mental image… Continue reading

The spider

  Goodby spider… or I wonder if that’s what God feels like. I moved out of my old apartment last month …I’ll get into more on that in a few days. But one of the many improvements over the old one (aside from hot water and electrical outlets that don’t… Continue reading

CONVENTION SEASON STARTS NEXT ON MARCH 16 (dates and places for spring listed)

We do our best to ONLY attend quality shows, put on by quality promoters. We bring plenty of books, shirts, artwork, DVDs ect ect, and our Illustrator is at the booth available for autographs and sketches 99% of the show. In short, we MAKE SURE if we are at a… Continue reading

there is no hope for me now.

“You know now, like I do…there’s no hope for any of us.” or “what you want VS what is expected of you” My life, being as odd as it is often makes people think I exaggerate in these blogs. I do not. I don’t need to. These blogs are to… Continue reading

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