Why we are so combative and dreadful on the internet

I want to take a break for a second and try to explain what I think is going on with us and how we behave on the internet. I ask that you please just listen first, read the whole thing and don’t let the knee jerk reaction/voice in your head… Continue reading

In defense of Stan Lee and Comedy

Stan Lee Accused of sexual harassment by nurse ***warning, may contain explicit content*** Stories like this change by the hour, but the story thus far is Stan, while taking a bath, told his nurse to give him oral sex. I’ve seen some thin things declared as harassment in the #metoo… Continue reading

Why I don’t allow comments

I don’t allow any comments on my Facebook Page anymore…I just delete any that show up and block whoever posts them. Until webmaster Joe has time to set this blog in some way that only people who aren’t jackasses can post…the comments section here is inoperable.  Why?  I’ll give you… Continue reading

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