Is the x-mas tree growing wings?

The asshole who ruined x-mas or I’m never doing this again. or the ballad of the X-mas ornaments The basic instructions for making a cast and mold ( like for making the x-mas ornaments) are as follows. make sculpture.  make a box slightly bigger than the sculpture.  Put the… Continue reading

Suicide emergency instructions (share)

This may be for you, this may be for someone you know, this maybe for someone you don’t even know is out there. SHARE THIS…it is very possible some needs it and you don’t even know it I know you’re out there I’ve been where you’re at or Suicide emergency… Continue reading

(updated) Last Minute gift packages!

If you are like me…you have just realized you haven’t done all your Christmas shopping…or any shopping. Here’s a couple of  package deals for you that will ship out the day you order.  So, theoretically if you order even by Friday this will arrive to give some ungrateful jerk, or… Continue reading

A podcast for those in emotional dire straits this time of year…

A podcast for those in emotional dire straits this time of year… right click to listen left click to download other podcasts here   Continue reading

sometimes it’s your fault that it is someone elses fault

a little asshole math  Or shake the  people sieve This time of year can be extra stressful and depressing,  so usually I try to put out more work to keep you all (and myself) distracted from the holiday season, but my heart’s just not in it this year…My personal life… Continue reading

You can’t make this stuff up…because they’ll use it.

I’d like you long time readers of Arsenic Lullaby to think back about 8 years to the first story involving the United States Department of Things Not yet Tried. It was a fictional government agency with no specific purpose, hidden deep in the bowels of the bureaucracy of the census… Continue reading

I’m only mentioning this now to be a team player…

  Well…now’s as good a time as any I suppose So, Remember a year or so ago, when Arsenic Lullaby was about to go down for the count?…and the people pledging on Kickstarter righted the ship? Funny story…IF the Kickstarter campaign was not successful I more than likely would have… Continue reading

Merry X-mass ….I made you a ball of fetuses.

So….I started out doing a Voodoo Joe bust and the only thing I liked  about  it was the Rodin “gates of hell” like base with all the zombie fetuses going around it.      There was not earthly way I could work out all the bugs and actually get one… Continue reading

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