Merry X-mass ….I made you a ball of fetuses.

So….I started out doing a Voodoo Joe bust and the only thing I liked  about  it was the Rodin “gates of hell” like base with all the zombie fetuses going around it. 



There was not earthly way I could work out all the bugs and actually get one that looked up to my standards before X-mass so I back up and decided to just stick with the idea that worked and make a x-mass ornament.

Just to make it a sculpt that sees the light of day the other 10 months of the year I added a base…so you can just have it with your other busts on on you desk or whatever when you take the tree down and put away all the other ornaments that aren’t as versatile.

At first I just hand a lame base that would look like blood or goo, and then said “ah the hell with it…I spent this much time sculping fetus sized fetuses…might as well do 20 more and make the base worth having

The moment of truth is now here though…much like the star wars/ 911 t-shirt that everybody raved about (that I knew full well no one would actually buy) this may either turn out to be a huge  it…Or one of those things everyone just wants to click “like” on and know it exists but would never actually hang it from their tree.

Pictured here is the actual original sculpt (in stages)  the ornament itself is for sale HERE and is available hand painted or unpainted ( which is white/off white).  These will be signed and numbered!

As for the VooDoo Joe Bust, I’ll probably get around to it sometime…eventually….maybe.






The actual ornament won’t have a hole or a stick but a …ugh…umbilical cord (about 1-2 inches) with a hole for your hook to hang it on a tree.

This base would have sucked…I’m glad I put the extra hours into a fetus base for the fetus ball.




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