Why exactly did they leave Dr.Strange white?…

  Hey, as long as you are playing racial spin the bottle… I’ve already gone over how idiotic it would be for Iron Fist to be played by an Asian actor (here).  My biggest problem with Hollywood’s new hobby of changing the races and genders of beloved characters is how… Continue reading

Mother Hyrda and… am I a hypocrite?

MOTHER HYDRA THE SEA MONKEY? Every once in awhile I draw something and when I’m done think to myself  “what the hell did I just draw?”…even at this stage of my sordid career. Awhile back MonsterWax had me do up some sketch cards as bonuses to be inserted randomly in… Continue reading

Your wasted imagination

You can draw anything you can think of, why aren’t you? I have been in the comic book industry a long time ( too long) and I have seen many upsetting and disappointing trends (too many). There is a recent trend though that is making my stomach turn. It is… Continue reading

Iron Fist was white because…he was, and it don’t need to be any more complicated than that.

“sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” Sigmund Freud The big controversy this week among those who don’t feel like dealing with the actual problems we have, is the upcoming T.V.show adaptation of the comic book Iron Fist. In the comic book, a white kid is out in the wilderness… Continue reading

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