Comic-Con International recap 2018

Comic Con International 2018 recap I…am exhausted. And being a bit overtaken with anxiety. It is a hell of a thing for your brain to deal with- going from five straight days of people asking for your autograph, telling you how much they like your work, ect…to it all just… Continue reading

The Road to Comic-Con International 2018

  On a normal year, by now you’d have seen a “the road to CCI Part2 ” “…part 2″ …”part 3” and so on by now, complete with declarations of what we’ll have for you at the booth. I’ve given some thought to my normal approach to the big show…as… Continue reading

Budd Plant leaves Comic-Con Int. You need to understand that this actually is progress

“big news” this week is that long time Comic-Con International Vendor Bud Plant art is not returning to Comic-Con International as a vendor. He writes a letter about it basically saying he can’t make enough money there and he has no ill will towards the convention itself and will be… Continue reading

St.Paul MCBA Comicon

***if you are having trouble reading this blog/it is not formatting correctly on your email, click here I haven’t been feeling well lately and I’m in one of those moods where I’m sick of the sound of my own voice, so it’s going to be short and sweet this time,… Continue reading

Stan Lee- this might not be as abusive as it appears.

There’s been video and stories going around the internet all week about Stan Lee not looking so good, being a bit out of it, and herded along at a Comic-con. FIRST the video, then my slightly rosier take on it Okay…I’m not saying this is good. And the man is… Continue reading

Spring Comic-cons and the comic book industry coming up short

Let’s take a look at this thing from a distance… We can know that comic related content is king of the pop culture right now, and has been for nearly a decade.  And I’d like to point something out here.  I’m going to use an absurd example to make a… Continue reading

Not everyone who seems to be on your side is actually helpful

There’s seemingly nonsensical phrases out there that are brilliant advice.  Like “If you want to make sure something gets done, give it to someone who’s too busy.”   The point of this being that “busy” people actually know how to get things done, that’s why they are busy…and someone with a… Continue reading

In defense of Gal Gadot – I guess “girl power” cheers stop when money is involved?

Some of you people don’t know a hero when you see one. I’m going to do something here that goes against every fiber of my being…I’m going to defend the price actors and actresses charge for autographs.  Second only to cosplayers who narcissistically stop dead in the middle of an… Continue reading

Bootleg prints, dumb with a capital “D”

Bootleg prints, dumb with a capital “D” For those of you who have not been to a comic book convention…I’ll give you a real quick lay of the land of a typical mid-sized con.  You got your celebrity guests, some washed up, some still famous, usually against the back wall. … Continue reading

One last Con this year!…and how the previous one went

One more f*cking convention…just one more…I can do it. The last chance to see me at a con this year is Rhode Island Comic-con Nov.10-12!  Rhode island is a state I guess…I’ll be honest, my geography isn’t real good once you get to the upper east coast.  Is it a… Continue reading

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