Well…THAT is an unsettling coincidence. or set of coincidences…or uhm…four coincidences in a row

Okay, first off, I haven’t been sleeping well. I’m stressed out, I’m getting a bit edgy ( a lot) probably fairing about as well as the rest of you…maybe a bit worse.  I’m just trying to keep my grip on reality…a reality the resembles the twilight zone a little more… Continue reading

2020 Comic-Con International cancelled…some ins and outs of that.

As if I didn’t have enough to try to get my head around this month…Aside from just the obvious vexing crisis as it relates to me as a U.S. citizen and human being, there’s my specific relationship to the comic book industry which has Comic book stores shut down, One… Continue reading

Lockdown- Learning to play the violin ain’t gonna get you through this.

You’ve been locked down…that has repercussions Probably most of you have never been locked up before ( for lack of a better definition of our situation). I on the other hand have been to jail and been in a psychiatric hospital ( stories from long ago, for another time). You… Continue reading

U.S. Comic Book Industry vs Covid19

U.S. Comic Book Industry vs Covid19 You may or may not know, depending how you found Arsenic Lullaby, that Diamond Comic Distribution is for all intents and purposes the only comic book distributor in the U.S. (With apologies to all the other fish in the pond, I’m sure they understand… Continue reading

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