Lenticular cover ? What the hell Marvel?

I was told there would be no math or  It’s about the content, stupid. There is something going on in the comic book industry right now that is so bafflingly idiotic that I feel compelled to talk about it…even though it’s so bafflingly idiotic anyone could figure it our for… Continue reading

In defense of Joss Whedon?

Here’s the headline from a recent article I’d like to address written by the Ex-Wife of Joss Whedon (maker of the Avengers, Firefly and stuff like that) because it is a teachable moment.  Not so much about if Whedon is a bag of sh*t, I couldn’t care less.  It’s a… Continue reading

Featured Greek Illustrator- Spiros Derveniotis

I happen to be published in Greece by the fine people at Jemma Press, and a while back I attended Athens Comic-con or Comicdom Con as it is officially named. They had an artist alley and aspiring comic book artists just like any good comic-con.  The difference I noticed…was the… Continue reading

Your honor, Doug would never do that…

I have three Comic-con appearances stacked up for the fall…and there seems to be a big problem with the last one. First things first, here they are Cincinnati Comic Expo Sept-22-24th Grand Rapids Comic-con Oct. 20- 22nd Rhode Island Comic Con Nov. 10-12th So…that last one…there’s an issue. And that… Continue reading

Comic-Con International recap

Comic-Con International 2017 A bunch of stuff happened, it was all a blur. The end. You do the extra ordinary enough times and it feels ordinary…sort of.  The whole CCI experience includes months of getting ready, months of ten hour or longer days, months of not enough sleep, usually a… Continue reading

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