Last Minute Gifts and Website stuff

Well…what is usually a time of year were the website is updated with stuff to do/see many times a week…has this year been me not being able to do JACK SQUAT to it because of website f*ck-uppery of every kind…thanks to an “upgrade” to the “internet security firewall”.  where in… Continue reading

Not everyone who seems to be on your side is actually helpful

There’s seemingly nonsensical phrases out there that are brilliant advice.  Like “If you want to make sure something gets done, give it to someone who’s too busy.”   The point of this being that “busy” people actually know how to get things done, that’s why they are busy…and someone with a… Continue reading

In defense of Rogue One

In defense of Rogue One   Once in awhile a movie comes out that makes me realize how much I loathe my fellow man.  Usually it’s bad movie that everyone raves about, and I go see it and think “ was this all a conspiracy to get me to waste… Continue reading

In defense of Gal Gadot – I guess “girl power” cheers stop when money is involved?

Some of you people don’t know a hero when you see one. I’m going to do something here that goes against every fiber of my being…I’m going to defend the price actors and actresses charge for autographs.  Second only to cosplayers who narcissistically stop dead in the middle of an… Continue reading

X-mas Coloring contest?

The Arsenic Lullaby X-mas bomb Shelter is up, should you need to use it. ENTER X-MAS BUNKER HERE As far as the coloring contest goes…I dunno.  It’s a lot of work.  It’s website crap and that’s time-consuming and here’s the thing- It really hasn’t been serving the purpose I hoped… Continue reading

Store rant, A.I. and my birthday

 Happy birthday to me. We have a NEW storefront. As many of you pointed out, the old one uploaded like a slug on a cold day. Trust me, it was just as aggravating on the back end, and it arbitrarily decided when it was going to alert me to new… Continue reading

Bootleg prints, dumb with a capital “D”

Bootleg prints, dumb with a capital “D” For those of you who have not been to a comic book convention…I’ll give you a real quick lay of the land of a typical mid-sized con.  You got your celebrity guests, some washed up, some still famous, usually against the back wall. … Continue reading

Stranger Things 2 review

  Stranger Things 2 review *massive spoilers and possible vulgar language* While waiting impatiently for Netflix to release The Punisher, I watched Stranger Things 2 because…eh, why not. It took me about three days to get through it, not because it was awful, I can power my way through awful… Continue reading

One last Con this year!…and how the previous one went

One more f*cking convention…just one more…I can do it. The last chance to see me at a con this year is Rhode Island Comic-con Nov.10-12!  Rhode island is a state I guess…I’ll be honest, my geography isn’t real good once you get to the upper east coast.  Is it a… Continue reading

INKTOBER 2017 inking contest

Just for the hell of it, last you I did an inktober inking contest…people liked it. So, what the hell, let’s do it again. I picked out some Arsenic Lullaby illustrations of varying degrees of difficulty and each with different challenges. You can play to your strong suits or try… Continue reading

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