X-mas Coloring contest?

The Arsenic Lullaby X-mas bomb Shelter is up, should you need to use it.


As far as the coloring contest goes…I dunno.  It’s a lot of work.  It’s website crap and that’s time-consuming and here’s the thing- It really hasn’t been serving the purpose I hoped it would the last couple years.  That being it gives all of us, who the holidays are not kind to, something to do during the holidays.  It gives people something to work on, it gives people something to watch unfold…and MOST importantly it gives ME something to watch unfold.


BUT…the last couple years everyone’s been turning in their entries at the last minute ( Jan.2).  By Jan.2nd the holidays are over and I don’t need the distraction anymore.  and what I get instead of a steady stream of stuff to upload and look at as the holidays grind me down…is a glut of stuff to deal with in the course of a few days.  Which turns something fun and distracting into a choir at a time I have other stuff to do.

It’s vexing because the website gets a lot of traffic during the holidays…A LOT.  and yet…despite me saying you can enter as much as you like and you don’t need any real skill…people either just watch and/or wait/work til the last minute like they have to turn in the Mona Lisa of X-mas cards.

If it’s not fun ( for me) than screw it.  and I’m not really in a super mood this year…even for me.

I’m defiantly not in the mood to drum up sponsors and judges and all a that.  Someone last year said they were too nervous to send anything in…I guess I kinda get that…maybe…there are a f*ckton of people who will see it if it’s on my blog/website but…we’re just fooling around here. It’s a coloring contest where I said you can use ketchup packets if you feel like it.

I think maybe, I’ll put on a scaled down version.  See what I have laying around for prizes or something like that.

I’ll let you know.

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