Thanos did the deed…leave it at that and go about your lives

Thanos did the deed…leave it at that, and go about your lives The main theory, as we close in on Avengers Endgame, is that the “heroes” will use time travel to undo Thanos’s murder of half the universe.  This is predictable, and foolish since we all know screwing around with… Continue reading


FIRST OFF, the webstore is fixed and you are now able to actually complete an order…two different “modules” updated themselves and didn’t want to connect to each other afterwards. Took a bit, but Joe figured it out. Sorry for the hassle. Took us longer to realize there was a problem… Continue reading

This years Arsenic Lullaby Krampus print and Xmas gifts?

COUPON CODE – HUMBUG – GOOD FOR 25% OFF THE ARSENIC LULLABY ONLINE STORE Odds are you have a weirdo on your list that isn’t going to be happy with the standard stuff…OR you are currently not in the mood to gaf about anyone and need a little something for… Continue reading

FINISHED Krampus illustration (final progress)

When we last left our hero he was struggling but making progress on a Krampus Illustration So…since then it has gone like so…I tackled inking the broken glass and some odds and ends that really ain’t as hard as they look. and finally worked up the courage to finish… Continue reading

This years Krampus Illustration progress

I’m still mulling over doing the X-mas coloring contest, depends on if I have something new to color. …if this actually turns out, I’ll have the coloring contest again. This is a rare instance for me, where it is going to be more fun to ink than to pencil. There’s… Continue reading

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