RE: falling into Gorilla pit. You think THAT is bad parenting?

A three year old fell into a Gorilla pit in Ohio this weekend and the Zoo officials  shot the Gorilla and rescued the boy. This has lead the all wise, all knowing internet to blame the mother and rant and rave about them shooting the Gorilla.  “bad Parenting” is what… Continue reading

In defense of the AVGN, your premise is idiotic.

The Ghostbusters reboot trailer came out some time ago and anyone with eyes and ears knew it was pretty bad.  And a lot of people said it was pretty bad. In the aftermath, the defense of this pile of garbage fell into two idiotic categories.  A- If you didn’t like… Continue reading

I really don’t need to know who Captain America F*cks

Just when I thought the internet couldn’t become any more banal, idiotic and myoptic…I see a story about some hashtag movement wanting Captain America to become gay. Do you realize it’s an election year? If you are wondering why we have the two tragically flawed candidates that we do…you need… Continue reading

Too much complaining and people to see at St.Paul Comic-con

  Am I complaining too much? My most recent blog about the problems with Captain America 3…perhaps it says more about me than the movie. They saying goes “If you meet run into an a-hole today, you ran into an a-hole. If you run into A-holes all day long, you… Continue reading

Civil War…It’s great if you don’t think about.

SPOILER ALERT!  IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN CIVIL WAR YET,  AND DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS, STOP READING NOW.  ***UPDATED- after seeing the movie a second time…several of my complaints turned out to be me just missing things, since the point of these blogs is first and foremost to… Continue reading

MSP Comic-con! It’s better than they want you to believe!

“The future ain’t looking for friends, the future calls the tune and we dance to it.” The MSP Spring Comic con (May 14th-15th) is almost here. It’s run by the MCBA…so if you are looking for the MCBA comic con this year…they’re calling it the MSP.  I dunno, they told… Continue reading

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