Iron Fist…things I haven’t heard mentioned yet.

Iron Fist came out on netflix Friday.  ***this review is spoiler free…so don’t worry, anything I mention is vague or was shown in the previews ***  I had no expectations. I didn’t care for the character much as a kid, I didn’t as an adult…The only reason I knew about… Continue reading

The TWO best Comic-cons?

Occasionally, as entertaining as it is when I complain, someone will respond by asking me to point out something good.  Why not just ask a politician to turn down money? It goes against the balance of the universe. But, I am going to make an exception “in the interest of… Continue reading

Who told you I was subtle?… and the spring Convention Schedule

“Didn’t I used to have a reputation?”  Lobo Is it just the change of the seasons, that has people screwy or a full moon maybe? Someone wanna let me in on the joke here?   Let me give you two of the most recent examples.  A comic-con heard tell that… Continue reading

Creator of TWD slams Valiant comics?…uhm…not really

(the blog is fixed!…took longer than we thought, but lets take her for a drive eh?) Robert Kirkman vs…Valiant? A “news story” popped up on my feed that I think has a couple of teachable moments to it. The story appears via a comic book “news” website, that is clickbait,… Continue reading

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