Who told you I was subtle?… and the spring Convention Schedule

“Didn’t I used to have a reputation?”  Lobo

Is it just the change of the seasons, that has people screwy or a full moon maybe? Someone wanna let me in on the joke here?

  Let me give you two of the most recent examples.  A comic-con heard tell that I spoke badly of them, which I didn’t, and a publisher I mentioned, oh so briefly, in the Blog about Kirkman was concerned I was irked at them and thought I was breaking bad.

It’s like once a week lately that someone thinks I’m laying a veiled insult.

…when I want to make an ass out you YOU WILL KNOW IT…and so will everyone else. I ask you…HAVE I EVER BEEN SUBTLE?!  No…I have not. I am not.  Now, admittedly I have been less active with my cantankerousness lately, because 1- I’m busy and it is, while fun, also time consuming to shine the light on the unending examples of self serving buffoonery, rank incompetence, and the like. 2-what do I care? Unless it’s a teachable moment for the industry…it serves me no purpose to waste a blog on something that isn’t going to sell one more comic book for me.  But when I DO feel like someone needs to be exposed as a numbskull, for the sake of an industry in which I work…I don’t hide it between the lines…to be found in subtext and ciphered out. If I mentioned you, your company, your con, whatever, in a blog and it wasn’t book ended by PARAGRAPHS of biting, vicious, acerbic, criticism, than it wasn’t me breaking bad.

How could anyone, who’s known me for more that 20 minutes…think I use subterfuge, or lurk in the shadows with my opinion?!

When I want the world to know I think you’re a dope, I don’t do it with -insult by omission, or mumbling in the darkness…I do stuff like

THIS Blog on crappy comic book illustration

or THIS Blog on a lowlife Comic-con Operator

Or THIS interview on why Mad Magazine is doomed

Or any other blogs or interviews I did as teachable moments on how to not be an imbecile

get it?

The vast majority of the people who follow me or read my blogs, or have signed up for the email updates…have done so because they like hearing me rant.  Thinking I am complaining in private or subtly laying a jab is like thinking a prostitute is going to be shy about showing you her boobs (wow…that was an unfortunate analogy)

Aside from my own well known temperament for taking things head on…most of the people who follow me only care about one comic book..THE ONE I AM DOING.  They are comedy fans, horror fans, fans of independent work in general and a FEW off them…are fans of comic books in general.  So I really have to work some magic to get my readers to give a flying F*CK when I’m talking about the comic book industry.  Any blog I do that has a title implying I’m talking about the world of comic books gets about half the readers of blogs with a title implying I am once again going to complain about my own degenerate existence…therefor the notion that they would be reading between the lines for anything is ABSURD.

The whole premise these last two entities were worried about is so ludicrous it’s actually starting to piss me off.  You know what…I think at this point the only way for me to right the ship it TO start complaining about them.  Yeah…I think that’s what I’m going to do …BUCKLE UP, BECAUSE HERE IT COMES.

…I’m just kidding, I don’t have any complaints about them (shrug) .

On an unrelated subject, aside from not wasting as much time complaining, I’m making a concerted effort to not waste time at all.  I don’t know when I slipped out of gear in making creating content the first and only priority but slowly I  had.   I had been spending too much time on conventions, and behind the scenes BS and my output of new content slowed to a unacceptable level. No more of that.

To that end…here is this springs convention schedule.

MCBA Spring -con

May 20th & 21st, 2017

10am-6pm Sat 10am-5pm Sun


AND…that is IT, for the spring season.

The MCBA comic- con is the only one I’ll be attending.  They started calling it MSP comic-con (standing for Minneapolis, St.Paul), but their website and name is MCBA (Midwest Comic Book Association)…so f*ck it, I’m using the name people have known for 25 plus years and they can fight some pointless re-branding battle on their own. I mean what the f*ck? That’s like Coca Cola out of the blue calling itself Carbonated Cola and expecting anyone to know who they are talking about. Their name is MCBA, their FB page is MCBA, their website is MCBA, their twitter page is MCBA…and they’re calling their con- MSP.  Does that that make any sense to you? No…it doesn’t.  (see that? I’m complaining, blatantly, and I’m not even irritated with these guys.  Complaining is what I do…I’ve complained about everything that walks or crawls at some point or another, half the time it’s not even a litmus test for whether I genuinely think something sucks.  SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY SOMEONE I DIDN’T ACTUALLY COMPLAIN ABOUT WOULD THINK I WAS SLIGHTING THEM?! )

Having said that, it’s a show well worth going to. I mean…If all I have to bitch about is which name you use, you must be doing okay. Hell, they even caught on with how to use their website…you go to the homepage and what do you see?  Date/location/how to get tickets and which comic book professionals will be there…BAM!

That’s how it’s f*cking done! Good job! No one gives a rats ass about anything but when, where, who, and how much…and they covered all that on page one.

Of course, on their site they still use the antiquated method of listing people in alphabetical order, and not who is most important…so I modified the top row in the screen shot.  Wait a minute…why did I put Joseph before me?!  Ah, the hell with it, I don’t have time to change it around. I’ll be there along with Joseph Linsner, Kristina Deak-Linsner and JK Woodward…and a slew of other quality comic book pros. Be there.

You wanna see me, go there.  I don’t have time for any others between then and SDCCI.  This don’t mean the other shows I’ve gone to in the past have earned my ire, I just don’t have time…working on some big projects ( I’ll reveal them later…FIRST to the subscribers of the Email Updates…subscribe HERE)

Oh…and I may be at a store for a FCBD signing, but I don’t know yet.

And to my beloved Athens Comicdom Con.  I truly planned on coming back this year, and it saddens me to no end I will not be there, but you will understand soon why I must miss it again.  And it means I will be coming back with that much more fervor and great work for you to see (I’m not yanking your chain here…you’re going to be very pleased at what I bring for you next time) and spend Euros on(…assuming you are still part of the ridiculous backstabbing E.U. ) or Drachmas on, whatever the case may be. And now would be the time to start bugging Jemma press for more Arsenic Lullaby, not that they aren’t already looking for more, but it’s nice to keep Lefteris busy reading emails rather than publishing anyone else’s stuff.

When Douglas isn’t complaining, he and his work can be found here


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