Stopping the great comic book crash of 2020

Stopping the great comic book crash of 2020 I had two blogs ready to go once I was done with CCI about how we could stop the impending comic book crash…I think it may already be too late, but I’m going to post them anyway. I explained why the crash… Continue reading

Quick intro/how to for using Steemit

I went over the “why” you should get on Steemit earlier HERE.  and as many of you are signing up, this blog might help you hit the ground running.  Steemit is what is known as “alt-tech” or a “decentralized platform”  which, as I understand it, more or less means there… Continue reading

If you are a creative type, there are better neighborhoods than Facebook popping up

If you’re someone who’s on social media partly to advance your creative endeavors, you don’t need me to explain to you that Facebook sucks.  It sucks bad, it’s doing far less for you than it used to…if it’s doing anything at all. You started on there and have remained because… Continue reading

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