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Well…what is usually a time of year were the website is updated with stuff to do/see many times a week…has this year been me not being able to do JACK SQUAT to it because of website f*ck-uppery of every kind…thanks to an “upgrade” to the “internet security firewall”.  where in all  sorts of behind the coding stuff got jack up by the “people” at Comodo…don’t use comodo for your website…that’s my advice for 2018.

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SO…let’s see what we can salvage with the remaining days of the holiday season, shall we?

I’ll start today with our LAST MINUTE GIFTS SALE.

If you’re still on the eye for X-mas gifts you either

A-don’t know what to get people

B-have not much to spend and are waiting for some x-mas miracle of cash

C-don’t have anyone to shop for.

Maybe the following suggestions will help.   Everything I show off here is at our online store and coupon code -humbug- is good for 25% off.  Orders in by Monday will be shipped off Tuesday morning and should get to you in time for X-mas.  After that I’ll ship every morning until Friday and if you need it shipped overnight…let me know, I actually have a decent amount of help all week.

First off, I’m making tea dyed prints again. Limited edition (very limited because I couldn’t get much of this paper this year). It’s basically what it sounds like. Paper dyed with tea…It makes it look really old.  (blog with pictures on me doing this HERE) Explaining it doesn’t do it justice and neither does my crappy camera.  But, if you have been paying attention for awhile, you’ll that no one scrutinizes my work more than I do.  I grade myself really hard and rarely say anything is more than “pretty good”.  These tea dyed prints a f*cking cool.  I’m doing a few X–mas images and a version of the Ouija Board print for you godless heathens.

There’s a new Voodoo Joe Print (not tea dyed, this wouldn’t look as good on that paper, looks better shiny and bold)…

 And two collections of some of the original A.L. comic book run.  These come with a sketch on the back.  ***you’ll find at the store if you look, “scratch and dent” versions.  I’ve a bit of O.C.D. so my idea of scratched or dented might look perfectly fine to whoever you gift it too.***

That’s all for now…keep an eye on the website all week for blogs and comics AND check out the “Arsenic Lullaby randomizer”.  It’s a page with a button that will randomly show an Arsenic Lullaby Comic…there’s’ 100 different ones in the randomizer so…you can kill a lot of time.


Hide from the hideous holiday cheer that’s out here, in the Arsenic Lullaby X-mas Bomb Shelter.  A.L. X-mas comics, blogs, and stuff.

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