One last Con this year!…and how the previous one went

One more f*cking convention…just one more…I can do it.
The last chance to see me at a con this year is Rhode Island Comic-con
!  Rhode island is a state I guess…I’ll be honest, my geography isn’t real good once you get to the upper east coast.  Is it a city too? Because mostly conventions are named after a city. There’s no Florida Con…wait…no…I think there is.

I do know that Rhode Island is really small.

Also, I know why the founding fathers set up our representative form of government the way they did, and I understand the wisdom of it.  Each state gets a congressional representative for every 100,000 people (or something like that) and 2 senators.  This way large states get a bigger say because they contain more people being affected by any law passed, but every state gets an equal amount of senators so that the bigger states can’t run ruck shod over the smaller ones.  If you don’t have that parody every law passed would be about wine crops or orange groves or whatever affects California and we’d never address anything like coal mining, which is important to address, but is only done in a few smaller states. I understand that, it was taught in the fourth grade before I hit puberty and stopped paying attention to anything in school besides which girls were growing boobs faster than the others.

but…Rhode island, I’d say, is a example of- maybe we need to give some of this stuff a second draft. I mean look at this…

That’s f*cking ridiculous. The population of the entire state of Rhode Island is 1,056,298…a million and some change.  The city of Chicago alone is around 3 million. There are three times as many people in the Chicago area than the “State” of Rhode island.  Should Rhode Island really get two senators?  really?  for what? What do they have going on over there? Do they mine anything the rest of the country needs? They have natural gas reservoirs or anything?  I wikepedia-ed them and the three largest employers are the government, some hospital group  and the Catholic Church…you see what I see?  This state only exists for the sake of existing.  If there were no people you wouldn’t need a government, a hospital or a church for them to go to.  They don’t seem to be producing anything that’s doing the rest of us any good.  My state may not be a pillar of the civilized world but we produce things in larger quantities than other states can, like beer and serial killers. Other states with two senators have like…farm land that is unique, specific crops, stuff to mine like iron or coal, maybe they are an important passageway to somewhere else, they have waterways that are vital near them…wtf is with Rhode Island?  why do they get a say in anything?  Can’t Massachusetts just invade them and take them over?  They don’t even have a baseball team.

…this is counterproductive isn’t it?

Lemme start over…

Rhode Island Comic-con

The comic con sure seems like a big deal. they have a crapton of guests, and have been promoting it non stop for months.

and they  have…

I want her so bad…I’d be happy if i could just…watch her sleep and slowly, with a trembling hand gently touch her hair, then recoil in a panic and crawl out the window when she starts to stir.
…I mean, let’s be honest, anything beyond that is just a slow inevitable decent into her bitching that I’m distant and cold, and refusing to talk to me in the fake eastern block accent as the Scarlet Witch.

“I’m NOT f*cking doing that! I’m a PERSON, not a movie character!…and stop crawling out the window when we’re done having sex!”

“It’s called role playing.  ROLE…PLAYING…It heightens the thrill…because I get to pretend I’m never going to see you again!”

“That Heightens it for both of us Asshole!”

“F*ck You!”


…you know what? I’m outta here!  I hope you’re pregnant!”

“What the F8ck does that mean?!”

“You’ll find out! smell you later!”

…and who needs all that again?

OH! and get a load of this homepage.

Pay attention other comic cons…they have the WHEN and WHERE right smack dab on the top of the page.

I can’t tell you the number of shows I got to where figuring out when it starts is like finding a needle in a haystack. The count down counter I could do without.  I’m sure it’s great for building up excitement in attendees, but for guests and exhibitors is just a rolling nagging reminder of how little time I have left to get my sh*t together.

Just a quick review of the show I just did Grand Rapids Comic Con.  It was very very good.  A lot bigger than I expected.  I figured it would be a well run show..somewhat small but worth going to.  It was about the size of a larger Wizard World Show, very well organized with a load of stuff to do, people to see, and comic book pros.  I don’t have much to add to that, because there wasn’t anything to complain about…that THAT is saying something.  And get a load of this…

That takes balls. and commitment to getting better…and a baffling lack of understanding of how people act on FB. I sure as f8ck wouldn’t ask FB for criticism…I don’t even allow comments on my page anymore.  I looked at the thread to see if they actually got any helpful advice…and it’s what I expected. 90% was useless.  For every person complaining there wasn’t enough comic book related stuff ( kudos for those complaints) was a person complaining there wasn’t enough emphasis on cosplay, gaming ect.  So…you can’t win sometimes. Then the glut of complaints about stuff a comic-con isn’t in charge of, like the concession stands, how the building is laid out, security procedures for getting in, and how much celebrities charge for autographs.

There were the usual complaints about the ticket price.  I tend to think a lot of the value vs cost lies in your effort to get value.  This was 30.00. a movie ticket is 10-12.00 for 90 minutes of movie. This show could, if you try, be entertaining for an entire day. There are panels, pros, booths of every kind, a costume contest.  I dunno, I’m a cheapskate but I’d say this is a matter of you yourself making sure you get the bang for you buck.

Here’s a complaint that I just love

Yeah…they had several living legends there, but not the two people that this guy liked, so it’s not a comic book show. I walked around…looked like a comic book show to me, I even bought a few comic books…and I look for some obscure stuff.

Here’s two other reoccurring complaints that pretty much every single show should pay attention to-

This one is tough to solve depending on the venue, but let me tell you…most shows I go to, it’s like trying to talk in the middle of the fall of Saigon. The background noise drowns out questions, the main speaker, and the to and fro of traffic going by is distracting.  and here is the problem…my panel was in a separate room so the audio and interaction with the crowd was fine, but separate rooms are sometimes hard to find.  so con operators are caught between a rock and a hard place. uhm…I don’t have a’s not my job…just handle it!  Also, pretty much all comic-cons can just forget giving announcements over the P.A. system.  The systems sound like you are talking through a comb wrapped in wax paper and the crowd noise drowns it out anyway. Just..stop.

and also…

Selling unlicensed prints of copyrighted characters even if you drew them yourself IS AGAINST THE LAW.

You people making them…there is a more pressing issue for you than that, and why you should not be doing them is laid out HERE. Stop thinking like an insect!

I’ve never been big on Halloween, but I may as well have a Halloween sale, since my book is part horror.  Coupon code – voodoo – is good for 20% off at the online store.

I’ll make a bigger deal about this in a day or two.

That’s all for now, I have some interesting stuff going on, but I can’t tell you about it just yet.


When Douglas is not complaining, he and his work can be found here


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