Illustration Class is now in session…

Alright…the master will now teach you people a thing or two.

If you haven’t read about the soon to be released Arsenic Lullaby Trading card set…details are here.

I left a couple of open spots for submissions and got this one for Doug Kallburg.  His work and website is here.

I would consider his work to be a  level above an average guy with some skill and hopes and dreams.  He has a recognizable style and everything is where it is supposed to be for that style.  By that I mean, he is not doing realistic work, but everything is consistent.  Things that are off as far as perspective or anatomy, is off consistently and for the sake of a cartoon like world.

But developing a style is not an excuse to stop improving.  He is at a level of good…that most people get to and then stop.

here is the illustration he submitted

I asked for the black and white, and it is here.

NOW, Mr. Kallberg, (and this is a jump start many of you can use) I want you to put this on a light table this, or print it up in blueline, or whatever means you like so that you can re ink directly over the previous inks without those previous inks showing through, and make every single line better. 

Use “expressive lines”, exagerate the lines for sake of texture or impact or lighting.  The boots are rubber, the lines should convey that, the dog hair is hairy, the lines should convey that, the body is slick, slimey but bumpy ect…while you are at it, look for other details to add.  Same with the background, then add some texture to everything.

***In case you don’t know what “blue line” is.  that is a light shade of blue that will not be seen when scanning in black and white …like so.

You can convert your black into to this, print it and ink right over.***

I read a quote once about Bernie Wrightson ” he never made the colorist do his work for him”.   The better you make the foundation , the sturdier your house will be, every level of illustration pencils, inks, colors,  is an opportunity…whatever cliche work for you.

Ink right over the original lines so you can be sure you are making changes.  You brain has decided what it is comfortable doing and what looks good enough, so your brain needs to have those original lines as a starting point or it will not adjust , it will have a tenancy to just redo it, or change it so slightly that it is unnoticeable. You have one week.




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