Arsenic Lullaby Trading card set (UPDATED)

 Arsenic Lullaby Trading card set

This set is being made for the kickstarter backers.  If you didn’t back our Kickstarter…sucks to be you!  I’ll have extras but I ain’t printing up some big giant run of it

I added the “2014” there because I’ll probably do another based on amount of the “dude, why didn’t you ask me to draw one?” emails I have been getting from pros I know…well..I didn’t ask because I hate you and secretly think everything you’ve ever done stinks.  Kidding, you know by now when something stinks I tell the person.  I didn’t have any big elaborate plan, I just figured I ask some people.  You probably fell into one of these categories

A-figured you were too busy

B-couldn’t find your email when I was looking for it

C- figured I couldn’t afford you.  This is basically pro bono, it’s just something I concocted as a kickstarter goal, I’m not selling it in stores and such.  It’s just something to do because it’s f*cking cool.


There wasn’t much rhyme or reason behind who I asked to do the other cards other than I wanted to see their version of a specific character because I thought it would be cool.  Different people have different styles and I wanted to see what some of my guys would look like rendered by certain people. 

Here’s a few that have come it so far.  I am told The card of Edgar is only a rough…although it looks pretty good as is if you ask me.

Edgar J Breyers done by

Spiros Derveniotis Greek Cartoonist known for …a comic that my cut and paste is not recognizing because it is in Greek font…which usually isn’t a problem…I’ll update this later.

Voodoo Joes winged Nemisis

by Greek Illustrator Eugenia Koumaki

I believe both Spiros and Eugenia will be at Comicdom Con in Athens in early 2015

satsn herndonAs well have all learned…Abraham Lincoln was actually Satan himself the whole time!

The lovely and Talented Christopher Herndon captured him in all his dapper evilness

Herndon helped the pop culture embrace zombies again with his groundbreaking series ‘Living with Zombies”  in the early 00’s and  currently illustrates Tera Tempo!

more of his work here!


Here is a chilling interpretation of The Clot

By Xavier Rolbiecki known for his nigh photo perfection with charcoal, graphite, and chalk!


Old Man Hutchenson

Daruth Padilla of handled giving life to the joints, levers and organs in his version of Old Man Hutchenson!

The Clot Card Art(1)

The Clot

By Doug Kallberg of Free Range Studios

I made poor Doug work for this one.  See the brief exercise I put him through here

The Great Duranti By The Skrauss

Milwaukee Illustrator and fine artist, sculptor and performer…best known for knowing me.   Just kidding buddy, I need your BIO though!

The-Skrauss will be set up at Milwaukee Fantasticon October 24-26th..and so will I, come out and see how awesome we are, hand us cash, and then go away.

The Boogie Man

By Adam Sward

Adam is one of those guys who seems to have his hands in everything.  Off the top of my head his comic ” Meth Wolf” is his most recent venture into comic books, and he really should do more the problem is he is in high demand in the twin cities for band posters and record illustrations and every other damn thing.  “he’d be really good at something if he wasn’t so good at everything”… I don’t remember who said that (sounds like Yogi Bera), but it applies to Adam.  Anyway, you can find him most days tattooing the hip masses here.

Dotti and Liquid Sam

By Tomek

Tomek is second to non as far as I am concerned, and has been publishing through Jemma Press, which also published A.L. in Greece!  They have good taste over there at Jemma press!.  His work  book can be found here. 

matt wendt

The DC New 52 version of VooDoo Joe is courtesy of Matt Wendt of Planet Doom Studios among other projests more about Matt at this link

I’ll be posting and updating as the rest come in….

as always keep an eye on this blog or our main page

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