I am so damn tired

Okay…new blogs every Wednesday…so…uhm…here we go.

I just did two mid-sized comic-cons in two weeks so I am tired.  So damn tired.  I’ll give the winners and losers of 2015 next week, I have to get a little info from a friend of mine on a couple of things so I can more legitimately savage one of this years losers.  Cincinnati and Baltimore are both great shows so you can start to narrow things down as to who managed to do things ass-backwards this year.

They had the Harvey Awards in Baltimore, I didn’t attend because I wasn’t nominated (possibly because a dumbass decision I made earlier in the year led to me not having a new book come out in time).  Oh by the way Season 2 of Comedy Central’s TRIPTANK will once again have a short cartoon written by me.  I’m not sure what episode it is on, but it involves some astronauts and a martian woman.  Having not been nominated left me without the possibility of giving a career ending acceptance speech, or kicking the table over and yelling “this is BULLSH*T!” if I lost…takes the fun out of attending knowwhatImean?  I did manage to cull one of the swag bags full of free stuff for attendees, It had a Wally Wood “Artisan Edition” TPB from IDW.  This is an oversized book, about 10×12, containing photos of Wally Woods’ original illustrations from some of his best stories from EC comics.  The joy of getting this was countered by the kick in the balls that is comparing Woods’ work to your own. Anyone out there who thinks they are good, go ahead and flip through this book and realize you are a complete joke compared to what came before us. I’m glad that guy shot himself….prick.

What else?…Uhm…I have a bunch of stuff on the horizon but you know by now I don’t talk much about anything I am not 100% dead solid sure is going to happen…and often even if I am I don’t say much until it is just about ready.  I find that the more you talk about what you are “going to do” they less you actually do.  Maybe it has something to do with whatever motivates us, like the release of talking about it lessons the urge to do it.  I dunno.  Also everybody is “going” to do stuff.  Talk is cheap. F*ck off and tell me what you have actually done is my thought on that. 

Now that con season is over COMMISSIONS ARE….still closed, I don’t have time.  I set up a patreon account so that a few of you a month can get one, but I don’t know what the link is and it’s only half assed set up anyway.  I’ll get you info…I don’t know, next week maybe.

…Is that long enough to count as a blog?

…well…here’s some illustrations to look at then.  See you next week.




The King Kong page is available for sale (11×17)…it’s not cheap, but it is even more awesome in person.  The Vlad the impaler page (11×14) is also available, Contact me personally for those.  I’m not listing my email here because every time I do roving computer robots/programs load up my spam folder. If you can’t figure out how to contact me, you probably can’t figure out how to come up with the cash.  The Ant Man/Alice in Wonderland is…gone, off to it’s new home haha. Let that be a lesson to you.


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