I know it seems like I shoot my mouth off a lot, but if you pay attention you’ll notice I’m not one of those guys who boasts about things he “going to do”.  I shoot my mouth off about things I’ve done or that I know for sure are going to happen. Case in point, I haven’t said a whole lot about me contributing to the 2013 Topps Mars Attacks! Trading card set.  I was set to be a contributor to the sketchcard aspect of the set, meaning 150 lucky bastards would open thier packs and see a hand drawn sketch card done by yours truly, in August.  In early September I had finished the 156 cards ( I get 6 cards of my choosing returned to me to do with as I choose)…drawing 150 sketchcards was even less fun than it sounds but who could pass up a chance to pad their resume with MARS ATTACKS!…not me.  Going back to the subject of not shooting my mouth off unless something was a sure thing, there were a lot of rules in the contract and the final say on whether or not my cards would ever get inserted was ultimately up to Topps, so I didn’t say much until now….

I still have not heard back from Topps on whether or not my cards passed the regulations but seeing as how the packs are on the shelves and some people have already gotten my sketch cards in their packs I guess it’s safe to say they were approved.  I never worked for Topps before so maybe no news was meant as good news.  It looks like a pretty good set this year, a lot of the cards I have seen look damn good, so by all means pick up a pack or two, who knows…you may get one of my cards.  If you would rather not spin the wheel of fate in these tough economic times, hoping to get one of my cards through sheer luck, karma, or will power….I will have a few of my returned cards for sale (whenever the hell they decide to send them…I ASSUME soon but perhaps karmic justice will have my shipment lost for weeks. ). The cards I picked for return were done in greater detail and inked with a brush just like any page of Arsenic Lullaby…and as I recall they are amazing. 

Here’s a sample of one of the cards you might stumble across done with standard technical pen.

On a side note, judging by the other sketch cards I have seen…no one paid any attention the the rules of the contract including whoever was determining pass or fail at Topps…Fine with me and good to know for next time!






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