Time to meet the public— Fall convention schedual

This kid’s parents really show be keeping a closer eye on him


Because there is nothing better for a mid-life crisis than long drives with nothing to do but think about everything you wished you had done differently  ( most of which involves me EVER starting this career…I hate you all) I will be on the road a few more times before the end of 2014.

woooo!  ….

I have done all of these shows before, that means they are good.  If the show sucks for me, or for fans…I don’t go back.  Why would I?  If I wanted to make money but be miserable and deal with a bunch of jerk-offs I could have picked a far safer career.  and why should YOU spend your free time outside of work dealing with jerk offs?  You shouldn’t.  That’s my philosophy anyways, so if you see me at the same convention more than once you know it is good.  period. The end.

So all of these have passed the test…except for the one in Milwaukee, it is brand new.  I have avoided doing much in my hometown, and that has actually been pretty easy because there hasn’t been a comic book convention here of any note in over ten years…which is really stupid because this is a big comic book town, enough so as to be able to support FIVE comic book stores all within ten miles of each other.  That’s the dedicated comic book population, you throw in the sometime fans of the HUGE college population…and add in the close proximity to Chicago and it’s suburbs and colleges, and Madison and it’s colleges and suburbs and ALL the ground in between where there ain’t much to do…It’s like…hey dumbasses…how about Milwaukee?  If you can’t get a successful comic book convention goin here , the it’s because you are stupid.

Well, I saw one has decided to set up in Mil-town ( that’s what we local call Milwaukee when we don’t feel like answering “oh is that the Milwaukee where the serial killer is from or  Milwaukie where hipsters who are too hip to live in Portland go?”  “Mil-town”  being a not very hipster-esq way of abbreviating your town heads off such questions.  Anyway   It’s the one the serial killer (s) is (are) from. 

Here’s the full list of shows.


Cincinnati Comic Expo

Sept 19-21

This town has two shows.  Only weeks apart….you can read my rant about that in my semi weekly column for Comic Related HERE.

Anywas will be at this one…I have been there before it is pretty great.  Lot’s of extracurricular activities, lots of big name comic book pros…they have a whole bunch of b list celebs and stuff at this one..which I generally frown on, but this show has managed to keep it all from working against itself.  A tough juggling act having comic book people and non comic book people happy, but so far they have done it well.


MCBA Fall-con

October 4th

This has always been one of the best shows there is, and one I always considered home.  The figurehead has… moved onto bigger projects.  So now is when we see just how much the minions learned from ole Nick.  Will they keep this show at its usual glory?  or mope around and squabble with each other and let it decent into a shadow of its former glory?  The smart money says this show will continue to grow as we all realize Nick’s biggest contribution was making sure no one ever said ” it can’t be done”.    This fall show is going to be good and I suspect this show is going to become the nationally talked about Juggernaut, it has been on the verge of becoming, very soon.



October 24-26th

Here’s what I know about this show…It’s in Milwaukee.  That says a lot actually.  Milwaukee is one of those towns that knows how to have fun, and doesn’t like to spend a lot of money doing it.  Aside from that…who the hell knows.  A comic book convention Halloween weekend in a town know for serial killers…worth the gamble!

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