prior to contrary belief…waking up at noon don’t mean you don’t work a lot

I live above a print shop and the guys down there always razz me about how late I sleep.  “well, good morning sunshine!” They’ll say as I wander in around 1pm to pick up any packages that might have come for me.   Let it be known though, I actually work long hours just like everybody else. I sleep til noon sure, but I work until 5am.  It’s quieter at night, easier to concentrate and it takes a lot of concentration to pull off stuff this good.

 tdof vamp sharks done

TDOFhell wash done online

Those two ( above) are chapter breaks in the new issue, and there are prints of them up at our online store!  Coupon code – cthulhu- is good for 20% off anything there this week.

tdof behead

You’ll have to wait for the new issue for the words on this next one, I just wanted to show off the composition.  and yes, I used a brush for the lettering.  The circles I used a compass for, although I almost risked using the brush on them.

TDOFboard kidsYou can watch the nightly progress on pages like this by following me on instagram

AND we have finally gotten around to putting out ebooks on amazon they are here.


idny con

Indianapolis Comic-con

and right after that is the Dan-Con

dan con

Dan Con

march 22nd

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