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Linda Carter vs. Kim Kardashian

I love old TV shows. Classics like The Love Boat, Happy Days, and Three’s Company are just better than so many shows on today. They just are. I will not be told otherwise. There is a local affiliate that shows old TV shows and I recently discovered the old Wonder Woman series with Linda Carter. I saw it and it reawakened old feelings from when I was a kid. I used to love me some Linda Carter.

Women Celebrities were just better back in the day. They were. I will not be told otherwise. Look at Linda Carter, she had beauty and she was classy. Some others like Erin Gray, Barbra Bach, Cathy Lee Crosby, all classy broads.

Then you look at what passes for female celebrities now, like Kim Kardashian. Sure she’s attractive when you put enough war paint on her and she possesses the attributes that black men enjoy- Namely a big ole ass! But is she classy? Not in the least. Would you see Linda Carter butt nekkid on a cover of a magazine all greased up like a glazed donut? No, because she had class. She wasn’t some trollop who gave it up like a prom date with self-esteem issues. Sure she ran in slow motion in her Wonder Woman costume activating hormones in young boys for the first time. But it was classy damn it!

Erin Gray might have been wearing the hell out of that skin tight Buck Rodgers uniform but she wasn’t twerking and grinding on some guy. Class. I can’t even look at Miley Cyrus without thinking what her breath must smell like. Weed and ecstasy and pork rinds I bet.

Barbara Bach had the Daisy Dukes but Daisy wasn’t spreading her legs like butter on a baked potato. She wouldn’t have a sex tape leaked or get caught without panties by the paparazzi. These ladies had class damn it! Not like the drunken hos that pass themselves off as celebrities now.

What? What is that you say? I sound like an old fuddy duddy lamenting about the young people and how times were better back in my day? Get off my lawn!


*Dave’s opinions on Myley Cyrus do not reflect the veiws of our founder…namely ME ,  I thinks she’s great.  I would never take such a harsh assumption of what her breath smells like.  I can tell you what I would smell like once I was done with her.  Bliss…it would smell like Bliss.

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