You are missing everything that’s good in life!

If you don’t like this video…I just don’t know what I can say for you

You know what there is too much of in this country right now?  There is too much of this attitude “I like what I  like, and anything out of that spectrum is stupid and I’m not even going to give it a chance to see if it is a good idea”

Know what I’m talking about?  Politics is an area you see this 99% of the time. The OTHER side said that, so it is automatically stupid. Hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day.  If some politician actually comes up a with a good idea, what do I can what side he is on the other 99% of the time?  Sports is another area, The super bowl is stupid and I’m not going to give any of it a chance, they are over paid , over hyped, thugs blah blah blah.   Hey, That quarterback there an object 60 YARDS right into the arms of another human being who was running at full speed, who CAUGHT IT…WHILE OTHER PEOPLE WERE TRYING TO STOP THEM. If you can’t be bothered to be amazed by that just on the surface of it, then you are probably missing a lot of amazing things. Music, is another thing that falls into this category.  Even people who claim to like “whatever, as long as it is good” will have some category they don’t even give a chance to.

I’m going to take music, and educate your asses on seeing brilliance when it is in front of you.  Watch THIS.

I posted this and saw it posted on FB. and comments ranged from people who hate Taylor Swift, to people who hate Nine Inch Nails…to people who were just confused.

This mash  up is brilliant.  Aside from just the skill of getting the music to sync up/pick out music that syncs up. The contrast is great for several reasons.  You have the happiest song/singer in the world mixed with the most morose song/singer in the world.  Good on the surface, but the specific happy/morose songs are what makes it great.  Reznor seems to be singing about Swift, and mashed up as it is even seems to be thinking about Swift or looking on her from somewhere. It is fairy tale like.  The imagery of the ravens and vultures contrast with Swift in the ballerina outfit giving us shades of the movie “the Black Swan”.   Was this intentional?  Was this guy such an evil genius as to have meant all this interpretation?  Maybe, maybe it is just a case of flat-out talent. A quote comes to mind on this “your subconscious is your best friend and it is super smart and works at the speed of light, trust it.” Creative types like myself learn this the hard way, we work and rework only to find out that the first attempt had charm and impact that reworking and over-thinking could not top. So maybe he planned this out, or maybe his subconscious just knew this was great together and told him to do it without explaining why.

The contrast also shows us how similar these two artists are once you boil everything down.  They have an emotion and are beating us and themselves over the head with it.  Reznor is sad and has filled a 5 pound bag with ten pounds of sadness.  The imagery doesn’t seem over the top and absurd until it is next to Swift who is doing the same thing with “happy”.  It could clearly be mocking one or the other or both.  In actuality, it shows us that they are both pretty damn good at what they do.  Equal in effort, talent, skill, and production of their respective genres.

“how dare you equate Swifts pop song garbage with Reznors soul tearing heart-felt anthem”.

I don’t know how you could watch this and not understand they are equal as I said.  What is more pure artistry in Reznor screaming he is morose with every lyric and image in comparison with Swift cheering about getting happy with every image and lyric?  They are parallel, and they are both great.

…You don’t seem sold.  That is a shame. Let me just point out a few simple nuggets then so you can appreciate this video without the over analyzing.

at the 1:04 mark ( and most of the video for that matter) it flips from Taylors energetic movements surrounded by friends  to Reznor motionless and alone ..hysterical!

at the 1:20 mark  Reznor sings ” without you everything just falls apart” and Swift makes a broken robot dance move.

1:35 Swift makes a suggestive dance move pointing at her hot body and it cuts to Reznor singing “and I want you” . When you just watch the NIN video at this part his expression seems angst filled, but in contract and spliced in with Swift at this point, he seems to be learning and creepy. I laughed soda out my nose.

at 1:43 Swift lunges to Reznors howl

at the 1:58 mark, it actually looks like Reznor is dancing to swifts Music! Brilliant!

2:17 Swift and Reznor BOTH are making basically the “shake if off motion”

2:43 “the fella over there with the hella good hair” and Swift (as it is spliced) points to Reznor…with let’s be honest, hella good hair…sitting, pouting, looking away,  like a cat that doesn’t want you to pet it right now.

From 2:50 to 3:40…the two songs hit their crescendo and the contrasting back and forth of the two worlds is fantastic, and at this point I realize we are watching an abstract interpretation of two people going through a break up.  In a break up what often happens?..The girl goes to her friends, cries, gets it out of her system fairly quickly and parties it out, hugs it out, surrounds herself with her friends, which is much healthier than the male version of a breakup. ->Reznor, morose lonely dwelling on things.  This isn’t always the case, sure, but generally…that’s how things shake out. That is what we are seeing here, it is genius.  I’m sorry, am I over-analyzing again?  okay

3:42 Reznor runs out of steam vocally and Swift runs out of steam physically.  Damn that is good mash-upping

Many of you missed all this, because you “are sick of Reznor” or “Taylor Swift sucks”.  …”the super bowl is stupid” “all democrats are commies” “all Republicans are bigots” blah blah blah…c’mon people, start seeing the good.  And this is ME talking.

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